Universal Laws: 

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What if you were simply given the Manual for living your life to the fullest? What if having this invaluable information began to give new meaning and purpose to everything in your life, and it all began to make meaningful sense?

In order to gain a true understanding of the Universal Laws, we must be willing to broaden our  viewpoint, digging deeper to discern a higher level of purpose for the foundational laws that govern  our lives. An understanding of the natural, Universal Laws can play a key role in helping us  to put into perspective how laws “naturally” work and how they can be used to ensure an  evolutionary progression that sanctifies all Life and strengthens and empowers not only  whole communities, but each and every individual within those communities. 

As a result of the profound transformation the application of these Laws can activate in your life, my goal in offering these classes is to offer practical, functional support and understanding of just how powerful these laws can be when lived fully as a foundational Truth.

Our assignment in this “Earth School” is to remember, reclaim, and re-embrace the True Essence  of our Being. The Universal Laws are the “rules to the game” that will lead us back to our prior  state of Oneness. These laws apply to everyone in this “Earth School,” no matter what the laws  of your particular culture may be. And they are inescapable, as they are the birthing ground for  divine justice and the only means by which we may experience true balance and harmony. 

Laws were originally intended to bring order by assisting us in understanding cause and  effect, thereby moving us out of chaos into peace. Laws express clearly for all concerned, which behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors are not, with delineated consequences (effects) of  our behaviors (cause). If we choose to break the law, we do so with an understanding that there will be consequences to pay as a direct result of our actions. So, when we send negativity, fear,  arrogance, and greed out into the world, why are we surprised when we are confronted with  terrorism, chaos, and dis-ease rather than love? We really do reap what we sow! 

In addition to gaining an understanding of the natural Laws of the Universe, it is also  helpful to gain an understanding of how they are all interconnected and interdependent with each  other. This is true of everything in nature, everything in our natural world, including all human  beings, as the diversity of All Life, (every species) plays a significant part in maintaining balance in the natural world. 

The Universal Laws we will be exploring over the next 12 weeks may be helpful in giving  you a new perspective regarding the answer to the age-old question of worthiness. It is my  intention that each of you who take this dive with me, come out on the other side of this 12 week  time together having remembered, reclaimed and grounded in your natural Birthright to know your  Sacred Perfection and value as a unique expression of Pure Love.  

Before I begin, however, I must state that I do not in any way or stretch of the imagination profess  to be an expert in the realm of Universal Law. On the other hand, the application of the Universal  Laws with which I am familiar, has profoundly transformed my outlook and my approach to my  life, as well as the quality of my life, by strengthening my center so that I am much less easily  thrown off center by Life’s surprises (And I assure you, I have had my share!). I therefore, am  happy to share with you what I have learned. The most important thing to remember as you  familiarize yourself with these laws is that they are True no matter who believes, disbelieves,  acknowledges, or repudiates them. We cannot change them any more than we can change the Law  of Gravity. Like the Law of Gravity, we can work with these laws and learn to fly, but we cannot  change their foundational basis or control them, so there is no room for corruption. Leaving the  need to control Nature and each other aside, as incongruent with the Natural Laws, we are then  free to perceive our lives through new eyes. This higher-level perception allows us to gain Mastery  of these foundational, Life-enhancing principles, thus stepping into Mastery in every area of our  lives. 

This course is my Gift to you, supporting you in gaining Mastery over every aspect of your life,  by moving into harmony and congruency within yourself first, and then with All of Life!  I look forward to seeing you on Zoom! 

Here are the 12 foundational Universal Laws that we will be exploring over the next 12 weeks: 

Law of Divine Oneness

Law of Polarity 

Law of Vibration (Entrainment)

Law of Rhythm 

Law of Action (Cause and Effect)

Law of Gender 

Law of Correspondence

Law of Reciprocity

Law of Attraction

Law of Compensation 

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Universal Principles

Universal Laws Course Schedule 

As you will see from the schedule below, following November 11th, 2020, with  the posting of the introduction to this course, each week thereafter  for 12 weeks, a new class will be posted on this site. You will have one week to read the material posted and begin to integrate and use the Law in your life. The following week, there will be a live Zoom call  where you are invited to share your experiences during your  integration time and ask any questions that may have arisen in the  process. I encourage you to Journal as you process these concepts as a  way of Being and moving through this time of unprecedented transition.  Our time together will be devoted to deepening your practical and  spiritual understanding of these Laws and rooting that understanding  more deeply into your Core, that you may awaken and activate your  Remembrance of the Core Essence that you are. 

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Classes will occur at 6:30pm Eastern time.

Introduction: Universal Laws Nov. 11, 2020 ~ Introduction Class (Zoom) Nov. 14, 2020

1. Law of Divine Oneness Nov. 14, 2020, Class: Nov. 21, 2020

2. Law of Vibration (Entrainment) Nov. 21, 2020 Class: Nov. 28, 2020

3. Law of Action (Cause and Effect) Nov. 28, 2020, Class: Dec. 5, 2020 

4. Law of Correspondence  (Complementarity) Dec. 5, 2020, Class:Dec. 12, 2020 

5. Law of Attraction Dec. 12, 2020, Class:Dec .19, 2020 

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of  Energy Dec. 19, 2020, Class: Dec. 26 2020 

7. Law of Polarity Dec. 26 ,2020, Class: Jan 2, 2021

8. Law of Rhythm Jan. 2 , 2021, Class: Jan. 9, 2021

9. Law of Gender Jan. 9 2021 2020, Class: Jan. 16, 2021

10. Law of Reciprocity Jan. 16, 2021, Class: Jan. 23, 2021

11. Law of Compensation Jan. 23, 2021, Class: Jan. 30, 2021

12. Universal Principles Jan.30,2021, Class: Feb. 6, 2021

Class 1:  Law of Divine OnenessA picture containing outdoor, wood, bird, wooden

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Earth floating in space

Separation is a concept.  One in which we believe.  A concept which has become the law of the land.  But believing a misconception does not change the truth.  Truth – all life… connected…‘Is.’  

            Our world is made up of infinite fractal holographic particles and waves (energy), each complete within themselves and each part of a greater Whole, a greater Web of Life.  The cells within our bodies are functioning units on their own, who find their meaning by serving the greater organism of which they are a part.  This greater organism served by the cells in your body, just happens to be You!  How would you feel if your cells decided to ignore the needs of the greater organism and just take whatever they needed with no forethought, and no reciprocity?  

            This is exactly what humans have been doing on the planet for far too long.  We are cells on the Planet Earth, who have gone rogue!  We have been taking from this planet without forethought and in doing so, we have seriously disrupted the balance of Life on Earth.  We are being held accountable for living our lives based on an unconscious culture rather than a culture based on an understanding that what we do to our Mother Earth, we do to ourselves, and what we do to each other, we do to ourselves.  When we truly look, with eyes and hearts open, we can see the imbalance we have created in the form of chaos, magnified separation, confusion, and fear.  How do we return to balanced Harmony and Peace?

            If it is true that we are all energy, and if it is true that all energy must have a source, then we cannot be different from or separate from the source of the energy that enlivens us.  All suffering comes from our perception that we are separate from our own Source Energyit does not matter what we call it.  What we want more than anything is to feel connected, accepted, and loved, but our fear that we may be separate from those very qualities, our Source, keeps us from believing that we are even worthy of what we are seeking and most wanting at our core level.  Accepting the Law of Oneness helps us to re-member our True Origin – Love.  That acceptance helps us to re-member the only true reality, which is that we cannot be separate from our Source – the highest, purest vibration of Divine Love, by the very definition of energy.  

A puddle in the middle of an open field without a source to feed it, in the light of day will dry up and cease to be.  Our own beliefs, our own perceptions, our own minds are the only things that can separate us from our Source.  No one else can have power over us to cause our perception of separation unless we give it to them.  Even if we do give it to them, and perceive that we are separate from our Source, it does not change the ultimate truth that we are never separate from our own Source Energy.  A belief that something is true, or not, only changes the truth at the level (vibration) of the belief.  It does not change what is true at higher levels (vibrations).  So, once we realize that we have been believing a belief that is only true at the lower vibratory frequencies of awareness, and we are willing to change that belief, our own vibration automatically shifts to a higher vibration that can accept the new belief.

For example, coming from a large family, I grew up believing that there simply is not enough love to go around, just as others have grown up believing that there is simply not enough money to go around.  Whether we are talking about love, money, or anything else, a belief that there is not enough to go around is a belief in lack.  In my case, it was important for me to be loved so I made sure that I did everything in my power to perceive that I was loved.   This decision translated into my daily life as following the rules (most of the time!), getting good grades in school, helping out at home, etc.  However, all of the time that I was being “good” and perceiving that I was loved as a result, I also perceived, with my very limited and inexperienced child-mind, that my brothers and sisters, who followed the rules way less than I did, and therefore were punished way more than I was, were not as loved.

My innocent mind and heart could not even begin to comprehend how a parent could love a child and physically and emotionally hurt them at the same time.  It simply did not compute for me, so the only available assumption that remained when my daily reality was that I saw my brothers and sisters being punished regularly, was that they must not be loved.  I must admit that there was a part of me that was relieved, because their failure to “see” assured me of my place on the proverbial pedestal.  Even as fragile as that pedestal was, it seemed like a safe haven for me as a child.  This is important because all of my desire for “goodness” came from a fear of lack – of not being loved – not being worthy of love.  Moreover, I suffered powerful unconscious guilt at my perception that I was being loved at the expense of my brother’s and sister’s quality of life.  If there is only so much room in the Love Boat and I am taking up precious space, and there cannot be enough room for everyone, (there is not enough love to go around) then someone must be left behind, because I am included.  

Of course, I never understood any of this as a child.  I was just unconsciously fighting to survive in the best way I knew how.  Now as an adult, I can see that I separated from my Source as a result of my fear of not being loveable and my guilt for perceiving that I was loved at the expense of others whom I loved – none of which was actually true.  Always having to prove that we are loveable, out of fear that we may not be loveable, while all the time feeling guilty for any love that we may perceive because we fear that we may not even deserve it in the first place, is not only a mouthful, but it is also a lose-lose situation.  Real happiness and fulfillment are not possible for anyone who has convinced themselves not only that they must earn love to have it, but that they don’t really deserve it in the first place.  

Furthermore, anyone who has fallen into this vicious trap has separated from their Source and must rethink their perspective and beliefs and then rise above them in order to find true freedom.  When we believe that we are separated from our Source, we also separate from our truth, from our family, from our knowing, from Love itself, from Nature, from self and from the Universe.  We cannot separate and be connected.  We are either separate or we are connected, and if we are connected, we are One.  The good news is that since the perceived separation is only in our minds, we have the power to change our mind any time we choose. No matter what our perception was yesterday, “Our Point of Power is Now!”    

We can always let go of yesterday’s old beliefs when we have learned today that those beliefs are not true and have never actually been true despite our misunderstanding.  With this powerful realization, we can adopt new beliefs, based on Truth, to replace the old.  Now, I know that I am one with my Source. Now I know that Love is infinite and that the more love is given, the more there is both to give and to receive.  Now, I know that vulnerability is not a weakness to be avoided at all costs (old belief = weakness is not loveable) but that being willing to be vulnerable takes strength and courage and builds more of both.  Now, I know that I can forgive myself for my past perceptions based in fear, lack of information, lack of understanding, and lack of tools for gaining any of the above.  Now, I know that understanding, inner peace and compassion come from a willingness to see things differently, and most importantly, that my willingness to see things differently is all that is needed to shift the vibration of my thoughts from the old ones that deplete me to new ones that enhance me!  

The key is to allow the beliefs that we “adopt” at any given time in our lives, to remain fluid.  The moment that we latch on to a belief, attach to a belief, and identify it as who we are, it becomes stagnant energy, no longer able to serve us and thus becomes a source of suffering when it is questioned or challenged.  When taking on a belief results in the closing of our mind, excluding other beliefs as valid possibilities, that is our indication that our attachment to the belief has caused us to separate from our Source – from each other – even from ourselves.  

           All perceived judgment and exclusion is valuable information in that it reminds us to reconnect with our Source and to practice the art of detachment so that inclusion remains our focus.  If we understand that each time we attach our identity to something other than our Truth – that we have actually separated from that Source – we will clearly understand the source of our distress.  Fighting others to be right, and therefore making them wrong, will never correct this imbalance.  The correction of imbalance can only be brought about by the restoration of that which was removed from wholeness/Holiness.  If we are at war, then clear communication, understanding, cooperation, collaboration, balance, harmony, and peace have been separated, excluded from the whole.  The antidote for the suffering caused by our belief in separation, or even our willingness to separate, can only be a re-membering and an ultimate return to union.

In summary, everything corresponds to everything else – with no exceptions.  All things that exist, both explicate and implicate, form and formless, without and within, below and above, exist in harmony and agreement with the One Source of All that is.  Anything that we perceive to be out of harmony with Goodness, is actually in harmony with Source and designed to support each of us in understanding the difference, that we may choose Goodness, or Oneness over separation in each moment. The Law of Oneness is necessarily inclusive, and therefore includes the Law of Polarity and the plethora of opposites by which we are inundated on a moment to moment basis. All that exists is designed to enhance and magnify our learning potential in the Earth School.  Discernment of what supports our Life Force vs. what depletes our Life Force is necessary for total remembrance of All that We are, for the fulfillment of our Potential and the return to Oneness.  All is One Cosmic Reality, all things and everyone is connected to and a part of the greater whole. Thus, separation is a man-made illusion.

Everything is connected to everything else.  Nothing in the universe exists separately or in isolation.  Everything we do, say or believe affects everything else immediately…Each piece contains the whole.  

Contemplation and Journaling Questions:

  1. Have I ever experienced the remembrance of my connection in Oneness with the entire Web of Life?  If so, what did this experience teach me?
  1. How might I invite or continue to deepen and expand the frequency and duration of Oneness experiences?  
  1. How might making it my conscious choice to deepen these experiences benefit me?
  1. Are there any beliefs or childhood patterns that may be limiting my ability to receive these benefits?

Class 2: Law of Vibration (Entrainment)

Every time you play a fearful or regretful tape, you are robbed of your precious time in the precious moment to create your future.  Thoughts like these rob us of our dreams and weaken us, for all thoughts based on fear slowly drain our Light.  Remember, we are energy beings, and our mind controls the way in which we use this precious substance.”  

~ Dr N. Milanovich and Dr. S. McCune, The Light Shall Set You Free

Who we are at the core of our Being, is a vibration that is unique to each one of us.  Just as we each have a unique fingerprint on the physical level, we each have a vibrational fingerprint that is unique to only us.  That vibrational fingerprint is, in large part, determined on a day-to-day basis by the combination of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions.  Our level of willingness to either expand our consciousness or remain attached to a contracted state (or set of beliefs) also plays an important role in how we feel about ourselves and our world, and thus, impacts our vibration.  All of these factors together determine our vibrational frequency.  Since everything that exists, without exception is made up of atoms, (energy) and energy is vibrational, we cannot escape this truth.  Every thought is a specific  vibration and when we feed that vibration of thought with our feelings, words, and actions, it becomes stronger because each of our feelings, words and actions also carry a specific energy vibration that adds greater intensity to our thought vibration.  If we give each of these factors:  thoughts, feelings, words and actions a random value of two, for example, then 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 is obviously greater than the value of any one of the individual factors of two.  When you then factor in will, intention, beliefs, values, and ego, the driving forces behind our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, the strength or power of our vibration increases exponentially.  Because the power of

will, intention, motivation, values, belief and ego are causative factors that ultimately underlie our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, the former can actually cancel out the latter.

For example, let’s say you have had an argument with a loved one.  During this argument, your loved one made several comments that were intended to hurt you.  You bought into that intention, took the words personally and as a result, you were hurt by the words and the intention behind those words.  The next day your thought is, “I do not want to stay angry.  I should do the ‘right thing’ and make up.”  So, fueled by your conscious belief that “anger is bad” and your thought that you “should do the right thing”, you go to your loved one with a desire to make up, which all makes perfect sense to you.  Unconsciously, however, you are still carrying the vibration of pain over your previous day’s exchange of words, and since then, have unconsciously added the vibration of resentment to that pain.  Because your vibration of pain and resentment, even though unconscious, is stronger than the vibration of the logic you have used to choose reconciliation, almost immediately, the good intentions of wanting to do the right thing, turn into another argument.  You are caught off guard because your conscious intentions were “good,” so therefore, you blame your loved one for being “unreasonable and stubborn”… again!  It has to be the other person’s fault, because you sincerely wanted to do the right thing!  

Your downfall in this scenario is that you failed to understand the Law of Vibration.  If you had taken the time to “tune in” to your inner being, you would have felt the vibration of resentment and pain that you “stuffed down” yesterday and therefore, you would have understood that (because you had not dealt with these feelings) they were stronger than your desire to make up.  The strongest vibration always wins, and it is important to understand that the strongest vibration is not necessarily the highest vibration.  Awareness, total presence with ourselves in each moment, is the only way to work with our vibration and to align that vibration to be in harmony with what is most important to us.  Had you taken a moment to tune-in to your overall vibration before beginning the “reconciliation conversation,” you would have created an opportunity to realize that none of the words said in anger were true and you would have been able to release both the anger and resentment.  Having done that, it would have been much easier to remember how much love you have for this person.  Can you sense how different the conversation could potentially be when you initiate a dialogue from this vibration of open and unconditional love versus a vibration of hidden resentment and pain, even if you are unconscious that you are holding on to these emotions?  

Awareness is Key

            The only difference between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind is awareness.  When you make a decision to become aware of your overall vibration, you are much less likely to be caught off guard because you understand that “what goes around comes around.”   In more capitalistic terms, energy, no matter what its vibration, is a commodity in which you invest.  The energy that you “spend” is your investment and the energy that you receive back is the return on your investment.

Just imagine what happens when all these factors within yourself are in alignment and agreement with each other.  Have you ever experienced a moment where you were completely aware that there were no conflicting vibrations within your own being?  When you can step out of the fog of conflicting inner aspects and consciously choose your vibration, the vibration you release is clearer, higher and more powerful, because it is in alignment and congruent with all that you are.  The clearer and stronger vibration you radiate, the stronger and clearer will be the return on your investment.  Therefore, if you want the return on your investment to be a return that you desire, it is surely wise to choose your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, along with your intentions, beliefs and values that drive them, with conscious awareness.   

Moreover, your use of ego and will power have an exponential impact on your overall vibration.  When talking about ego and will, it is important to make a distinction.  Just as you have a lower heart (your wounded heart) and a higher heart (your healed heart), you also have an ego at the personality level and an Ego that is aligned with your higher self.   Similarly, you have a personality level will and a Divine Will. These distinctions are important to understand, because the different levels of heart, ego and will, that are available to you in any given moment and that you choose in those moments, will absolutely change the results of your interactions.  When you exert your will fueled by lower ego, the impact is that you lower your vibration even when the thoughts, words, feelings and actions on the conscious level are all positive (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + (-8) = 0) In this example, the (-8) = the underlying need to control or manipulate another person, situation or outcome. Since your personality level will and ego are usually seeking to control a situation and/or to prove themselves right, whether you are aware of this dynamic or not, the overall vibration of the interaction will be lowered.  In this type of situation, you rarely understand “what went wrong” with the communication – you just know that you are not happy with the end result.  On the other hand, when you exert your higher level, Divine Will, fueled by unconditional love, your vibration is exponentially raised to a level that serves you in a much more positive way.  Putting this dynamic into mathematical language, the equation 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + (+8 unconditional love) = 16 creates a positive return on your investment of energy that can be truly magical. 

Exponentially good returns on your creative energy investments only seem magical when you do not understand how the Universal Laws of energy work. With an awareness of how the Law of Vibration works, these formerly seemingly magical outcomes become expected outcomes.  When you begin to understand that you are the creator of your perceptions, and those perceptions determine your response to every situation, and you also begin to understand that your energy output leaves its source (You!), gathers more like energy, and then returns back to its source (You!), then you will begin to take responsibility for all that you create (cause) and all that you receive (effect) in the process.

     The lower the vibration that you emit the more negative, pessimistic, or fear-filled are the corresponding thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  Conversely, the higher your vibration, the more positive, optimistic and loving are your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  Therefore, the more close-minded and fearful you are, the lower your vibration, and the more open-minded and loving you are, the higher your vibration.  In any case, whatever the vibration of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, at whatever intensity they may be, you get back the same energy that you put out, only multiplied.  Remember that energy travels in a circular motion.  If you are putting out angry, negative, lack-filled “vibes” most of the time, then you are getting back more of the same vibration most of the time. 

            The Universe simply responds to vibration without questioning or judging what it is receiving.  Its response is always to send back to each energy source, the same vibration and intensity of energy that each source has put out.  Since You are the source of the energy that you put out in the form of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, etc… the Universe responds in kind and cannot, in fact, respond any other way.  You are the creator of your perception of “your world” by the thought energy that you create (birth) and send out into that very world in the form of responses to every situation you encounter.  This is your evolutionary process, so your evolvement is dependent upon the energy that you access and use to create your world.  The cyclical nature of the natural motion of energy makes it absolutely impossible for anything else to be true.  

In this world of endless possibilities, it is always possible that things may not always go exactly the way you may have anticipated.  However, with an understanding of the Law of Vibration, you can always choose the frequency you are vibrating at any given moment, no matter what appears to be happening around you.  You have the power to choose whether you “buy into” other people’s vibrations (entrain) or not.  You can be sad with the saddest of them, or you can simply choose to feel compassion for those who are vibrating sadness, while remaining true to your own song; your own vibration.  

Sing Your Song!

           Birds know well that they each have their own song to sing.  A warbler doesn’t hear the song of a cardinal, suddenly decide that it likes that song better than its own, and switch to the cardinal’s song.  It sings its own song no matter whether it rains or shines and no matter which other birds are singing around it.  They know instinctively who they are and do not try to change their nature to suit others or their environment.  You can do the same. However, you must re-train yourself to become more aware, and more sure of your own true nature.  It is only in knowing who you are that you are able to remain true to yourself.   You must be able to sing your own song without fear of not being heard, without fear of your song not being good enough, without fear that it is anything but an absolutely perfect expression of who you are at your core.   The stronger the desire you put behind your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and the stronger your Will for a certain outcome (when all of these are aligned with each other), the more likely you are to create that certain reality. This understanding comes with great responsibility because, as you have seen, although your words indeed carry vibration, if your intention is less sincere than your words, based on an underlying need for control or manipulation, you will be putting out a lower vibration and ultimately, will only be able to receive a corresponding lower vibration.  You cannot ever fool or manipulate Universal Laws. What goes around comes around. Always!  Your values, intentions, perceptions and fears, and your awareness, or lack thereof, determine your level of consciousness, which in turn determines your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, which together determine your vibration, which then, determines how you are perceived by yourself and others and ultimately, determines your evolution.    All is connected – all is One!

You Determine Your Evolution

            This languaging opens up a new potential for re-defining the term “Determinism,” which has always carried the connotation of a causal level of control that is beyond human control, that predetermines or predestines specific outcomes.  However, you may acknowledge or refute this “causal level” of destiny, it is becoming clear to many that humanity is not a victim of predestination – we are partners in it!  Because we have the will to “determine” our own vibration as the Master of it, we also have the will and the inherent capacity to partner in determinism at the macrocosmic level.

Fear, which can wear many masks, accompanied by the resulting lack of confidence and trust in self, are the single most factors keeping us from determining our highest potential and ultimately, from becoming (or returning to) Love.  Fear and Love are actually on the same frequency continuum, the former being the total lack of Love and the latter being Total Unconditional, Pure, Divine Love.

If that seems confusing, we can make the same comparison with something more familiar such as color.  Black and white are considered to be opposites, yet black is simply the total lack of color and white is the combined frequencies of all colors.  The same is true for all that we perceive to be opposites – “as different as black and white.”  

            In this dualistic world, where everything is defined in terms of opposites, it is difficult to grasp that all is one and the same, just in varying degrees.  Blue is blue whether it is the palest pastel or the darkest navy or the deepest indigo. This can also be compared with the emotions of sorrow, sadness, grief, melancholy, depression. They are all different hues of the same emotion.  We even say, “I am feeling blue today.” So, this conscious association is one with which we are all familiar.  Another conscious association with emotion and color is anger and the color red.  Someone who is “seeing red” or “red in the face” is often assumed to be angry.  Within all of the varying hues of red, we describe different kinds or levels of anger from rage to resentment to disappointment to total apathy.  Again, these are just different hues of the vibration of anger, which in the end, is either rooted in fear, or our response to the perceived squelching of our Life Force.  Therefore, if the cause is fear, the ultimate effect is going to be fear-filled, bleak, gray, or somewhere in between, but most definitely lacking in vibrancy.  Responding with red/anger is usually the stage we go through until we are ready to acknowledge the root cause, which is very often hidden in our subconscious mind.  The anger serves us by fueling us with more energy so that we may find the strength to dig deeper into our core to find the truth.  

I experienced this realization several years ago after ending a relationship and being evicted from my apartment all within one half an hour.  My ex-partner had barely moved out with his stuff and there was another knock at the door.  When I opened it, my landlord was standing on the other side handing me eviction papers with a thirty-day notice, saying he was converting the building from apartments to condominiums.  That was a fair challenge for just one-half hour!  I was feeling anger, hurt, resentment (seeing red!) while at the same time experiencing the fear of “What’s next?”  Feeling overwhelmed, I decided to go for a walk on the beach to clear my head.  While walking on the beach, which I have done literally countless times in my life, (because no matter what my mood is when I arrive, I always leave feeling rejuvenated), I saw something that I had never seen before.  I watched a seagull struggling to stand at the shoreline, as the water continually washed the sand out from under its feet.  He was wobbling back and forth, seemingly using all his strength to stand in one place.  Noticing the struggle, and relating to the struggle, as I too, felt that the proverbial rug was being pulled out from under me, I continued my walk, a little more perplexed than when I started out. Within just a few feet of the first wobbling seagull, there was another one, doing exactly the same thing!  Then. . .another and still another.  At this point, my attention was riveted on this strange dance of the seagulls. I finally stopped, stepped back with all four seagulls in plain view, and asked myself, “Okay, what is this all about?”

As I stood there on the beach, in silence, watching these seagulls warbling to and fro, I began to realize that they were not struggling to stand at all, but that they were using the natural energy of the waves washing upon the shore, and the momentum of this energy, to assist them in digging deeper for the nourishment – clams and sand dollars in this case – that they required.  As the waves washed away one level of sand, the seagulls were using their feet to dig through more levels to get to their food, while expending as little as necessary of their own energy to accomplish this goal.  “How clever and resourceful!” I thought.  In that moment, I knew that I could learn from the seagulls and Nature, using their example to ease my own perceived struggle (my own wobble!).  Using the energetic momentum of the changes that I was experiencing – my own personal wave of change – I could use that energy to my advantage.  Instead of trying to stop the wave, or stop the sand from washing away my life as I knew it, using sheer resistance, (both reactions could only be ineffective at best and cause added suffering), I could, like the seagulls, use this energy around me to dig deeper to find what I needed most for nourishment. I could figure out how to fuel my fire in the next phase of my life as I moved through this change, by flowing with it rather than resisting it.

Digging deeper to learn what I required to nourish myself, I was able to see more clearly, what that might look like and at the same time, feel more confident in my ability to move forward in the right direction.  It was clear to me that my main objective was to learn to love and be loved unconditionally and fully.  Recognizing that I still had some beliefs and fears in the way of that, I made a commitment to myself to confront them as they came up, in order to clear the way for real, reciprocal love.  This intention, coupled with my heart-felt desire to come to know Love more fully, before I even actually began to do anything differently, changed my vibration closer to that of Love.  From this perspective my actions, in the form of choices that I would make based on my intention to be more loving, would draw me closer to where I wanted go.   Being catapulted into changes that I did not think I wanted, actually helped me to gain clarity about what I most wanted!  As paradoxical as that may seem, it was my willingness to dig deeper, to understand, and to grow, that gave me the strength to shift my vibrational frequency to a higher perspective that allowed me to return to the Truth at my center, not in spite of the changes I was experiencing, but because of those changes.

One other important characteristic of the Law of Vibration is that higher vibrations have the ability to “consume and transform” lower vibrations. This aspect of this law is not reciprocal – just as subtraction and division are not reciprocal operations – because lower vibrations have no transformative, healing power in and of themselves.  If we see darkness and light as polar opposites, with total darkness being the lowest vibrational frequency on the spectrum, and pure light being the highest, we see evidence of this law every day.  Every time we walk into a dark room and flip on the light switch, instantly, there is no more darkness. Darkness is transformed/consumed by light. And darkness apparently cannot exist in the presence of light… yet, it does, because when we take away the light, we find ourselves once again in darkness.  The dilemma is not that dark and light exist simultaneously.  The confusion arises when we make a choice to see (judge) one as better than the other. Since the Universe is full of seeming paradox, I will introduce one more concept for you to ponder.    

            So, is the question, How do we transcend the darkness when we cannot find our way out?  Or, is it… What if Light were not our ultimate final destination, but a guide of Remembrance to support us in returning to our Origins?  What if the proverbial age-old battle is not between Dark and Light, as humans have always thought, but simply our own resistance to the activation of a Remembrance that WE ARE the HOLY GRAIL?  What if the Remembrance that we cannot find the HOLY GRAIL outside ourselves, is designed to show us that It can only be found within the deep, dark recesses of our Beingness.  What if the Purest vibration that exists, were actually that within the Womb of Creation, and humans remembered how to access that memory within themselves?

Having used the metaphor of dark and light to help you understand the Law of Vibration, it is important to open to the next level of understanding, that all Light is birthed from Darkness.  In the Origins of Life, before time and Light ever existed at all, there was only Darkness.  It is the Infinite Potential that exists within the darkness, in the Womb of Creation, that makes the birthing of Light possible.  WE are Light that was birthed from the dark, protective, and nurturing Sacred Womb!  This is exactly the reason we are able to transcend into and return to Light after experiencing challenges, hardships, and sometimes even hopelessness.  By transcending darkness as we perceive and experience it, we allow Divine Potential to be birthed through us!  

When we understand the Law of Vibration and the quality of higher vibrations to transform lower vibrations, by birthing new potential, then we can take our understanding itself of these laws to a higher vibration, with even more effective results.  For example, when we weave together the Law of Vibration and the Law of Cause and Effect, using them together, their individual power is exponentially magnified.  Let’s say that you are in a political discussion that from your perspective is very negative, which makes you feel extremely uncomfortable.  The other people involved are not at all on the same page you are, and you have some choices to make.  Here are just a few of them:

Choice 1:   To simply be a victim to the situation.  If this happens to be your choice, then you have probably not experienced “victimhood” enough to recognize your ability to respond to this situation with empowerment. You will most likely continue to choose to be a victim until you realize that you can initiate or create a cause that will result in the effect of your own empowerment.  

  Choice 2:   Once you get past the point of giving your power away, you can then try to force your will on someone else, taking a stand to be right.  

Choice 3:  You can judge the negative situation and the people involved as inferior, unworthy of your energy and input and leave (in which case you learn nothing and what you teach to the other people who are challenging you is that who you are is all about ego.   At the same time, you are also reminding those people how it feels to be judged.  

Choice 4:  Since the Universe never judges what you cause/create, but just simply allows the effect to rise naturally to the surface, judgment is not one of your natural traits.  If you see judgment as a learned behavior, as opposed to a natural trait, you can then use that knowledge to strengthen your will to remember to unlearn that behavior pattern.  How do you remember not to judge others once judgment has become an ingrained pattern of behavior?  You make a decision, using your will, your intention, and your desire to release the old pattern that no longer serves you, by using your tendency to jump into judgment mode, as a reminder to center yourself.  Because judgment is not a natural component of your Essence, you cannot be in judgment and in balance at the same time.  When you choose balance (a higher vibration) over judgment (a lower vibration) the judgment disappears just like the darkness disappears when you turn on the light switch.  

Choosing inner balance, peace, and harmony in each situation, strengthens your will, raises your vibration, and diffuses negativity through transformation.  Your heart, the seat of your soul, still remembers who you are (Love) and when you bring your heart together with your mind, (your thoughts and intentions) then you are in harmony.  When you then align the harmonized mind and heart with your Will, then you have the power to transmute any lower vibration back into a higher version of itself by birthing new potential in that moment – (remember that All is One!).  This is the heart of healing both for yourself and for others.  It is a matter of using your Power of Choice to return back to your Essence, to your true identity.

Are you beginning to see how understanding and using the concepts of these laws could potentially improve the quality of your life?  The value of synthesizing these laws into your awareness and your intentions is summarized in this quotation from The Light Shall Set You Free:

…one must begin to conquer the mind and the emotions.  One must acquire self-love enabling Light to flow continuously from the Source through consciousness and back to the Source.  All must be continuous and experienced in a circular fashion.  When this is accomplished, the individual assumes a position of using the higher planes of existence over the lower planes of existence, and creates the utopia that is longed for within.  Thus, freedom is experienced and bondage is gone.

Questions to Contemplate:

  1.  How would you summarize the Law of Vibration?
  2. How does this Law apply specifically in your life, describing both the benefits and challenges of this Law in action?
  3. Journal about an experience where you may have made different choices had you understood at that time, the benefits of working with this Law.
  4. How might a commitment to accept and love yourself more fully support you in gaining Mastery over your own vibrational frequency?


 McCune, Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley. The Light Shall Set You Free. Scottsdale, AZ: Athena Publishing, 1996. p. 195 

Class 3: The Law of Action, Law of Divine Justice (Cause and Effect)

The principle of this law is one of the easiest to understand, partly because the title itself is almost self-explanatory, and partly because we have all had direct experience with “cause and effect.”  As obvious as the meaning of this title may be, sometimes we take the obvious for granted.  Because we believe that we already understand a concept, we do not always consider the possibility of delving into a deeper level of understanding.  Although we all may understand the basic premise of the Law of Cause and Effect, when we notice the law in action, more often than not, it is through the observation of other people’s actions.  We hear on the news that someone was arrested for robbing a bank, for example, and when the person is sent to jail, we say, “Well, that is just and fair.  That person must have known the possible consequences before robbing that bank.”  When someone is pulled over for driving a car under the influence of alcohol we say, “What were they thinking?  Don’t they know how irresponsible that is?  Didn’t they realize the possible consequences of their actions?”

​As obvious as the above examples are, however, when we speak harshly and insensitively to our children or spouse, hurting their feelings and damaging their trust in us, we do not feel or see the “effect” of that “cause” as obviously.  Every thought, feeling, word and action is a “cause” in and of itself and has a corresponding “effect” not only for ourselves, but for the greater whole (the entire Web of Life), because we are all One. As I have already mentioned, we have long accepted the basic scientific belief that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  With a deeper understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, or the Law of Divine Justice, the “reaction” is not seen to be “opposite” as much as it is “equal” and expected.   What do I mean by this?  Since we now understand that “like attracts like” vibrations, the ultimate effect of any “cause” will be a like response to the vibration of the initial “cause.”  In other words, if you initiate (cause) a conversation in anger, the most likely result – unless the responding person consciously chooses otherwise – will be more anger coming back to you (effect).  When we understand these Universal Laws, we are not shocked when we act in anger/fear and are responded to in anger/fear.  Having said that, the perceived opposition can also be easily explained in terms of energy and also in terms of “Soul Purpose.”

​If we make a conscious choice to learn to control and overcome our fears, then we can be sure that we are responding to a communication from our Soul, as part of our innate proclivity to progress or evolve to higher and clearer vibrations.  When we make a commitment to more fully live the Truth of our Soul Purpose, we can expect that we will be offered ongoing opportunities to do just that.  To support us in our commitment to our progressive evolution, we will continually encounter situations and people who will bring up our fears, making those fears obvious to us.  Every fear that we have ever had, as well as a few more that we did not know that we had, will surface as a direct result of our conscious choice to confront our fears.  We may question this turn of events, saying, “I make a decision to not feel fear – to not let fear rule my life, and all I get are fearful situations to deal with!  How can I think positively when all I get is negativity?”  

​Well, I am sure that you have heard the saying, “Be careful what you ask for!”   When you set an intention to not allow your life to be controlled by fear, how can you logically expect to do that by avoiding everything that may potentially cause fear to be triggered within you?  You set that intention, and although it may seem that the Universe gives you the opposite, it is actually fulfilling your request!  Moreover, it is the only “effect” that will truly fulfill your request (the original “cause”).  Seen from this perspective, you may actually thank the people and situations that cause you to be fearful because, ultimately, they are teaching you to overcome your fears by providing opportunities where you may practice letting them go. Can you see the gift in this Law of Cause and Effect? This is truly Divine Justice in action at its very best. From this place of acknowledging divine support with gratitude, there are no wrongs, no injustices, just opportunities to learn exactly what we have come here to learn.  Remember, that because all is One, everything is in perfect harmonic balance.  “Ask and you shall receive” IS the Law!  This law is always abided. It just doesn’t always look the way we may expect it to look, so we do not always recognize it in action.

“Ask and you shall receive” IS the Law!  This law is always abided. It just doesn’talways look the way we may expect it to look, so we sometimes do not even recognize it in action.​If we choose the cause of all that we do to be Love instead of fear, then we can be sure that the effect will be filled with Light and Love, holding within it, full vibrancy.  It is our job here to learn to be open to creating more causes based in Love than the number that we create that are based in fear.  Ultimately, making this choice is choosing to contribute only Goodness to the Web of Life.  As we grow to understand that being the origin of Love feels much better than being the origin of fear, we also learn that choosing our state of being holds the potential for creating results (effects) that are more in alignment with that which we desire, because we are working with the Natural Laws rather than resisting them.

​When we come to understand this dynamic, we must first direct our attention toward finding the courage to face our fears, and to see them as the illusion and distraction from our “True Self” they often are.  Then we may begin to remember and return to Pure Love, making all our choices based upon our desire to more fully align with, and remember unconditionallove from a Oneness perspective.  In committing to this remembrance, we must learn to assert ourselves when appropriate, with the power of Love, as opposed to using the power of force, ego, pride, or anger. Many of us, through our experiences, have come to believe that anger and force are sometimes appropriate and more powerful than Love, because we have witnessed times when this appeared to be true. Rather than using our personal will to gain control over others – to impose force on others through manipulation – when we use the strength of our Divine Will, the momentum of that energyallows us to focus on remaining balanced, calm and peaceful in all situations.  This is true Mastery over “Self” and True Mastery over Self easily translates into Mastery over the Law of Divine Justice – Cause and Effect.

           When we know our center, we are more connected to the center of All That Is.  When we lose our center, we become disconnected from our own Source.  In that dis-connected state, we experience dis-ease, confusion, lack of clarity, and sometimes even despair – all communication from Guidance that we have separated from Self.  As we recognize these feelings as a reminder to return to Center, reconnecting once again to the Source of Love, we become recharged by that Love.  Reconnecting to the Source of Love is the same as plugging ourselves into our Universal battery charger, shifting our personal Light Quotient (allowing more Light to enter into every cell in our body) and raising our vibrational frequency.  By choosing to remain balanced within Self (cause), we can shift our perspective when we perceive imbalance around us without getting caught up in it.  By keeping life simple, life becomes simple (more cause and effect!)

Conscious knowledge alone gives you the conscious control over the laws of nature. 

Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind 



To see a world in a grain of sand

And a Heaven in a wildflower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.

 – William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

Through the Law of Analogy, or correspondences, the cosmic processes, and the nature of the cosmic principles are indicated in the functions, structure and characteristics of the human being.  They are indicated but not explained or elaborated.  They serve simply as sign posts, directing man along the path whereon future sign posts may be found and more definite indications noted. [1]

                                        ~ A Treatise on White Magic, Alice A. Bailey

          Each of the Universal Laws we are addressing in this course is like a signpost leading you to each subsequent signpost along your path.  Further, each Law is connected to, amplified by, and Complementary to every other Law, and all of Life.

           As Milanovich and McCune explain this law: “The term ‘correspondence’ (corresponding) implies that all things existing within the plains of existence [Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual], whether seen or unseen, exist in harmony or agreement with the All.  There is only Oneness and this idea is critical to absorb.”  [2]        

            As far back as, the late 1700s, William Blake understood this concept, and it is important to keep in mind that every human being on this planet holds this knowing within them.  Even now, however, we are still in the process of shifting our awareness from mechanistic, reductionistic thinking, where “matter gives rise to mind” and “consciousness [thinking] emerges from matter such as the brain.” [3] 

           There has been a series of significant, paradigm-changing events throughout history that have caused humanity to set this internal, natural programming aside for more modern concepts and beliefs.  As we begin to understand this history, we come to understand how humanity has separated from our trust in the Natural Laws of the Universe, replacing our “First Nature” with more updated, science-based thinking, our Second Nature.       

           The next paradigm shift that caused a corresponding shift in consciousness was when Descartes proposed the separation of church and state.  This level of thinking, where science was assign the task of controlling the physical world, leaving the church to deal with the mind/spirit view of the world, changed our perspective of both of these worlds, magnifying our perception of separation.  Science’s business, in other words, became the control of matter, while the church’s business became the control of our Spirits, our Souls.  All the theories, rules, dogma since then, have been created, targeted toward, and based upon this line of thinking.  According to Melanovich and McCune, rather than basing our science on the premise that our thoughts arise from matter, the new physics, metaphysics, “reverses the original premise and says that mind gives rise to matter, since the basic energy of the universe is consciousness.” [4]

           Though this new, metaphysical perspective is becoming more widely accepted, the effect of this understanding has not yet fully shifted our paradigm.  However, we are in the midst of this shift and the effect we are feeling to date, is chaos, as the old paradigm breaks apart.   As this breaking apart continues (with our support!), the breakdown of the old will birth the breakthrough into the New, and our world will shift dramatically (in natural correspondence/complementarity).  May this understanding, this knowing, give you the Grace to transcend this breakdown time, that you may flourish in the breakthrough!  This is the power of the Law of Correspondence.  Because we are beginning to understand that Mind gives rise to matter, we know that our inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are reflected and outwardly projected into our world.  Therefore, as our Minds open and embrace Truth at the highest levels, our world must change accordingly.  It is the Law!

“The so-called miraculous powers of the great master are a natural accompaniment to his exact understanding of subtle laws that operate in the inner cosmos of consciousness.”                                                                  ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

“When individuals are established in universal consciousness, they live the scientific reality of the unity of life spontaneously in accord with all the laws of nature.  This experience alone will transform our collective reality – our human civilization to one of unity, peace, and harmony.”                                                                                                                                     ~ John Hagelin

            If we are to view our world, our lives and our existence holistically, from a Unified perspective, we must have an understanding of the concept that the Universe is holographic: 

A hologram is a photographic image that projects a three-dimensional image, which shows various views and images depending on the perspective.  Contained within each small part of the whole is the whole itself. [5]

Another way of saying this is that a hologram is the encoding of a higher dimension into a lower dimension. Every small part of existence contains the coding or blueprint of the highest dimensions, the highest potential within the Universe.  If the Universe is holographic, then everything created by and contained within the Universe is also holographic.  Every molecule within all of existence carries the blueprint (DNA/RNA) for the fullest expression of itself as Infinite Divinity.  As it turns out, an important part of our “job” as human beings is to experience as much as we can as we move along the Polarity continuum, to activate our memory of our Infinite Divinity.  The purpose this activation serves is to reawaken, re-mind humanity here on Earth while still in physical form, that we may infuse, or unify our Infinite Divine Potential with matter.  Thus, we have the Power to return everything to its Sacred Perfection, including ourselves.  This very act transmutes old paradigms into new ones, shifting not only our individual frequencies and our Potential, but that of all Life, our Mother Earth… and all this energy ripples out to all of Existence.

          If All That Is is truly holographic, then nothing and no one is separate from anything or anyone else.  Depending upon our perception, we may not “see” the connection of All contained within the Whole, but that limited point of view does not change the interconnectedness of All That Is.  As we have already discussed, our inability or unreadiness to perceive a Truth, does not necessarily make it an untruth.  When we begin to understand that what we do to others, we do to ourselves, and what we do to nature, we do to ourselves, we will begin to take due responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  This understanding and our acceptance of this understanding will change our perception of our world forever. This change in perception has the ability to transform our world by returning each individual’s creative power back to its rightful owner.

          We each already hold the potential to realize our creative power to actualize “Heaven on Earth.”  We seem to fall short in accepting this responsibility and our fear in accepting it, is only due to our lack of understanding of the natural laws and how, together, they weave our potential reality.  These laws are the root of all co-creation with and in the Universe.  When we co-create with an understanding of the way creation works, then we create lives that are happy and fulfilled.  When we co-create through default – and we are co-creating either way – most of the time we create lives that are not fulfilling our highest potential and not necessarily happy, because we feel powerless to change our circumstances.  The reality that we experience life with all its perceived limitations is only a result of our limited thinking.  As we understand, accept, embrace, and live these laws as our truth, we will know more balance, peace, harmony, and love than we have ever known before.

          All that we experience, every thought, emotion, situation and our respective responses to them, are a delicately woven cloth that we have co-created to facilitate our own evolution.  If we are here to learn/remember that we are Love, then we must necessarily endure the pain of knowing what life feels like when Love is not present in our experience.  Once we have suffered as a result of our separation from Love, then we have undergone the needed training that allows us to make choices that always include Love.  This training also opens our hearts to a greater capacity for compassion.  When we encounter those who are still immersed in their experience of the separation from Love, since we know how difficult that experience is, we can hold them in compassion without taking their vibration of separation personally, or judging them (In reality, it has nothing to do with is anyway.).  Holding a vibration of Love in their presence, gives them too, permission to open and evolve beyond separation.

          The Law of Correspondence is really quite simple:  Treat others as you would want to be treated because you are part of them, and they are part of you.  Not only are we a part of each other, but every part of the Whole is designed to complement every other part.  The Law of Complementarity is the epitome of the concept of Unity in Diversity.

Every cell within us contains intelligence and the whole pattern of our essence.  We are beings with interacting systems which make up our wholeness.  Similarly, we are part of others and of the world around us.  There is a basic wisdom and knowledge within the universe which is beyond our physical reality.  We are maturing into a species that must understand that we are part of a whole, finely tuned ecosystem, each part connected to and affecting the other parts. [6]

          As each of us is an integral part of a larger whole, each thought “thunk” by each of us affects the larger whole.  We each place our bet (what we have to offer – our thoughts and beliefs) into a kitty in the middle of an invisible table, so to speak.  This combined kitty, containing the sum-total of everyone’s contribution is what we call “mass consciousness.”  Obviously, the size and quality of the kitty, mass consciousness, depends upon each individual’s contribution.  People who believe that they have nothing to offer, who believe they have no power, contribute negative thinking, disempowering energy, into the middle.  If more people are contributing negative thinking than the number of people contributing positive thinking, as you can imagine, the mass consciousness becomes a heavy umbrella of clouds blocking the light and clarity of day.

          There is a popular Eagles song lyric,

There’s a hole in the world tonight.

There’s a cloud of fear and sorrow.

There’s a hole in the world tonight.

Don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow

We can heal this “hole” (whole) any time we want, once we understand that healing on all levels begins with each one of us.  As each of us begins to take responsibility for our own contribution to the Web of Life, creating a desire within us to make a positive contribution to the kitty, the Greater Whole, thus having a positive impact on the overall result, then the heaviness begins to give rise to sunshine, burning off the clouds and fog so that we may walk our path in balance, peace, harmony, love and light.  Isn’t that ultimately what we all want?  Understand these laws and apply them to your life in each moment, and this will be your discovery!  In realizing your Oneness with All That Is, you become the conscious creator/co-creator of not only your highest dreams and your highest potential, but that of the Greater Whole at the same time.  If you knew that you had this choice, why would you accept anything less?

These three aspects [life-consciousness-form] are seen in man, the divine unit of life.  First he recognizes them in himself; then he sees them in every form in the environment, and finally he learns to relate these aspects of himself to the similar aspects in other forms of divine manifestation.  Correct relation between forms will result in the harmonizing and right adjustment of physical plane life.  Correct response to one’s environment will result in correct rapport with the soul aspect, hidden in every form, and will produce right relations between the various parts of the inner nervous structure to be found in every kingdom of nature, subhuman and superhuman.  This is as yet, practically unknown but is rapidly coming into recognition, and when it is proven and realized it will be discovered that therein lies the basis of brotherhood and of unity.  As the liver, the heart, the lungs, the stomach and other organs in the body are separate in existence and in function and yet are unified and brought into relation through the medium of the nervous system throughout the body, so will it be found that in the world such organisms as the kingdoms in nature have their separate lives and functions yet are correlated and coordinated by a vast intricate sensory system which is sometimes called the soul of all things, the anima mundi, the underlying consciousness. [7] 

          Every living being plays a significant role in complementing the Whole and every other part of the Whole.  Each being on this Earth carries a Sacred Medicine to support the healing of the hole in the world.  Embracing a deepened understanding of the Law of Complementarity could dissolve all separation, racism, prejudice, judgment, and disrespect on this planet.  As we sharpen and strengthen our understanding and our faith in the way the Universal Laws work, we also strengthen and unify our will, our desire, our values, and our intention toward realizing our heart’s desire.  Open to your potential and your potential opens to you!   We can choose to live our lives, each moment, holding a commitment both to ourselves and to the Greater Whole to be open to contributing to that “Whole” in a positive way.  We have only to authentically say to ourselves, “Open says me!” and like magic – Abra Cadabra! we are open.

 Questions for Contemplation:

1.  How does an understanding of the Law of Complementarity shift or deepen your understanding of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”?

2.  As a hologram of the world, what is the hole within you that your Sacred Medicine can heal, returning you to Wholeness?

3.  What Sacred Medicine do you carry that could support the healing of the hole in the world?

4.  How does your understanding of the Law of Complementarity bring more Balance and Harmony into your awareness for your Life?

 ©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved.


[1] Bailey, Alice A. A Treatise on White Magic. New York, N.Y.: Lucis Publishing Company, 1934. 

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Class 5 – Law of Attraction

       Inner thoughts and emotions determine the level at which one vibrates.  This is truth.  One’s vibrational rate is a frequency. 

       This inner frequency creates a signal that is emitted outward.

       Once emitted, this begins to draw to it other things that reside on that same frequency.

What is hidden within will dictate what will appear on the outside. [1]

         This law is based on the truth that all vibration attracts unto itself that which is like itself.  This law is a built-in assurance that as we begin to remember Self (which is like Source), we will be more and more attracted to vibrations that are like Source, and ultimately, reinforce who we really are.  That is why some of us are more attracted to environments and people that inspire growth, love, and light than others.  The concept of like attracts like is best illustrated by the example of tuning forks.  When a specific vibration is struck on one fork, other tuning forks will instantly begin to vibrate at a matching vibration.  When we understand that human beings are also tuning forks, this analogy takes on new meaning.  This phenomenon is truly one of our best reminders that we are all connected in one world, one galaxy, One Universe!

         Everything that we put out, whether conscious or unconscious, (words, thoughts, emotions, judgments, etc.) is like a boomerang and comes right back to us only magnified.  Remember?  What goes around comes around.  What you focus on, you get more of.  And, as we reap, so shall we sow.   The Law of Attraction combines and extends the Law of Oneness, the Law of Cause and Effect (Divine Justice), the Law of Correspondence (Complementarity) and the Law of Vibration.  Whatever frequency we are vibrating at any given moment is the only frequency that we can attract back to us. 

         It is common knowledge even in conventional scientific and medical arenas that our bodies emit electromagnetic energy which creates a measurable electromagnetic field around each of us.  Because this electromagnetic field is magnetic, it embodies the principle of attraction/repulsion that is basic to all life. This field attracts to itself other energy like itself.  As mentioned earlier, if we are saying one thing but thinking another, or even intending something altogether different, then our energy vibration will match that which is going on in the inside. It follows then, that what we attract to us, based upon our vibration, will match our innermost thoughts, no matter what we are saying outwardly.

A System of Checks and Balances

         With an additional understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, we can then look at what we are attracting into our lives and rethink our inner world when what we are attracting to ourselves is not what we say we are wanting. When we understand these laws and how they work, it is easy to see how it becomes a foolproof system of checks and balances that is truly a Gift. Without an understanding of these Laws, however, we can and often do, feel like victims of our circumstances.  Have you ever tried to play a new game in which the other people playing knew the rules, but you did not? Do you remember how frustrating it was until you understood the rules of the game?  Well, these are the rules to the Game of Life, and your understanding of them, or not, will greatly impact your experience of Life.

         This system of checks and balances is fascinating not only because we attract to us more of whatever we are vibrating (so that we cannot help but to see the tangible evidence of exactly what we are vibrating), but also because we attract to us those people and circumstances that will help us to learn to think thoughts that will take us to a higher vibration.  This Law is one of the greatest Gifts that we have to assist us in evolving our Souls so that we may realize our highest potential. 

         An illustration here may be helpful: Many years ago, it was my perception that my partner more or less cornered me into doing something that I really did not want to do.  I did not speak up, however, and tell him how I felt, mostly because there were other people involved and I did not want to make them uncomfortable.  I left to do the “errand” feeling extremely angry that he was expecting me to do something that I felt was his responsibility.  Less than two miles from home my car completely died with no prior warning and just stopped in the middle of the road.  As it turned out, what had seemed to be a perfectly good transmission, just quit on me. The car, already twelve years old, with more than one hundred eighty thousand miles, was not worth the two to three thousand dollar transmission replacement, so suddenly… I had no car. 

         How did I attract this?  It is important for me to say that my intention in this relationship was to learn unconditional love.  Learning to love another unconditionally means learning a number of other prerequisites beyond simply learning to love and accept another unconditionally.  First of all, I had to learn to love myself unconditionally before I could offer that to him.  I also had to learn to let go of expectations and learn to shift gears more easily from one moment to the next.  Learning to be more patient, to slow down and breathe when my “engine was revving” was also part of my lesson in this learning package that I had set up for myself.  Because I was NOT shifting gears gracefully – far from it – the Universe was telling me that if I continued in that way, I would burn out.  Rather than using my own body to teach me what I needed to learn, the Universe used my car which was relatively easily replaceable. For that, I am grateful!

         Another example of the Law of Attraction happened when President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq.  I was watching the news one morning while making my typical morning cup of tea.  As I poured the boiling water into the same cup I have used for tea for countless mornings, the cup spontaneously split into three pieces!  Already frustrated from listening to the news on T.V., I threw the cup away, cleaned up the mess and made my tea using another cup.  The next morning, the exact same thing happened, and then again on the third morning.  They say the third time is a charm, so I finally sat down, took a deep breath, and checked in.  What I learned from doing this was that I was picking up so much negativity from watching a televised war that I did not at all agree with, that I was reeking of that energy.  The televised war became my “tuning fork” and, by default, I just naturally entrained with that energy.  Because the war frequency did not resonate with who I am, it was trying to move through me and out; however, my resistance to it was causing the energy I was picking up to attract even more like energy.  The excess, unconscious anger and negativity that I had picked up from watching the news was gradually causing me to feel more and more powerless in the bigness of it all.  It was the movement of the excess energy and my resistance to it, that had caused the cups to break.

         This is a great lesson in paying attention to the energy of our surroundings and how the energy “outside ourselves” is impacting our own energy.  It is amazing how much we can pick up from those people and situations that create our environment and overall experiences without even realizing it.  When we choose to turn on the television, we are choosing to expose ourselves to and to be impacted by, the energy of whatever we are watching.  Whether we are aware of it or not, what we are watching will affect our vibration and therefore attract experiences that come as a result of that vibration.  This is as true, if not even more true with children, so it is crucial that we monitor what our children watch on television as well as the computer games that they play.

         In a Sunday school class one day, I was sitting in circle with children ranging from ages 5 – 10 years.  We were all checking in, and one little seven-year-old boy checked in by saying very matter-of-factly, “I am feeling rather violent today.”  When I asked him why, he said that it was because he had watched a violent show with his parents, on T.V. the night before.  I was amazed that at seven years old, he was able to so easily articulate, and understand the source of his feelings.  This is typical, unfortunately, that our children are constantly being exposed to violence in this way.  For the most part, however, neither the parents nor the children realize how much these exposures to violence are affecting the vibrations, the minds, and the hearts of our precious children, not to mention themselves.  Though medications can be helpful to some children, many children don’t need more medications to quell their anger and hyper-activity. They need to be seen and heard for whom they are, with more nurturing, more consistent unconditional love, more time in Nature, and less exposure to violence.

     My hope is that these personal examples will support you in gaining a deeper understanding of our responsibility in partnering with the Laws of the Universe.  This is a continual learning process, and… when we are paying attention, consciously and intentionally working toward transcending our own personal default modes, whatever they may be, we can leave behind old patterns that no longer serve us.  In this process, over time, we learn to become Masters of our own thoughts, words and actions, and ultimately, Masters of our own evolution, growth and potential!

         We must learn to vigilantly monitor our thoughts and inner most feelings if we want to become masters of our lives and experience the good that is available to us.  But have no fear – when we don’t, the Universe will send us the appropriate opportunities so that we may experience all that is necessary to continue our evolutionary growth process – one way or another!

Questions for Contemplation:

1. Describe an experience when the Law of Attraction in action reaped (a) unanticipated and unwanted results, (b) positive results.

2. In your sensitivity to the energy of your surroundings, how can working with the Law of Attraction help you in remaining more balanced?

3. What is one area of your life where you would like to work more effectively with this Law?  Why?

4. How does an understanding of this Law support you in your evolutionary growth process?

©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved.

[1] McCune, Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley. The Light Shall Set You Free. Scottsdale, AZ: Athena Publishing, 1996 p. 207  

Class 6 – The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

If we are to grow spiritually, we must begin to examine our thoughts

and understand that our beliefs and our thoughts do not represent reality.  They are our perceptions of reality that are incomplete.  When we realize this, we open ourselves to moving out to understand in new ways and to appreciate the diversity of peoples’ perceptions.  We can control our thoughts, our beliefs, our speech and our actions, but to do so requires that we will ourselves to behave in different ways. [1]

       A basic premise of physics is that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”  What does this mean?  To understand this, we must also remember that energy, in order to be energy, by definition, must be in perpetual motion.  When energy becomes static, it ceases to be energy.  Therefore, if energy is perpetually in motion and never static, it must necessarily be dynamic – always changing. 

         Have you ever been to the ocean and were just in awe of the waves?  The power and energy of the waves in the ocean are awesome, indeed!  What if you were to be so overwhelmed with the power of the waves, so in awe, that you decided to capture a wave and take it home with you, so you could always have that energy available to you?  Toward this end, you get a large bucket and you simply scoop up the largest wave you see, capturing the magnificent energy you so long to possess.  Excited with the anticipation of your “catch,” you walk your bucket back to the beach, set it down, gaze into the bucket… only to find just a pail of water!  What happened to the awesome energy of the wave?  By the simple act of trying to contain the infinite nature of pure energy, you have changed the nature of it – it is no longer a wave – it is no longer free to be what it is meant to be.  As was previously stated, a wave, just like energy, ceases to be a wave when it is not in perpetual motion.  Static water can hardly be called a wave.  The infinite cannot be contained in the finite. 

      Changes in energy can actually be measured by changes in the frequency of that energy. So, in order to change, energy must either move to a higher or a lower vibrational frequency.  As beings made of energy, we also are dynamic, ever changing beings.  This law says that just as water will take the path of least resistance, so energy takes the path of least resistance.  In this case, the path of least resistance for energy is always a higher vibration, because the lower the vibration, the more resistance.  There is a mechanism built into the human psyche at the genetic blueprint level, the intention of which is to support each human being in awakening to our fullest potential.  This same mechanism is built into every acorn, holding the perfect blueprint of a majestic oak tree; every flower, telling it when to fully blossom; into every caterpillar, telling it when to build its chrysalis, that it may morph into a butterfly; every seed, and every living being. 

         We become aware of this planned evolutionary progression through our inner longings – communication from our Highest Aspect, the Truth of our Essence.  These inner longings, which we all have, are our path of least resistance to reconnect to the higher vibrations of our Essence, our Source.  All energy has within its blueprint, the propensity to transmute to higher and higher vibrations.  We call this our evolutionary path to higher consciousness.

       This law extends the Law of Vibration mentioned earlier; therefore, the non-reciprocal nature of this law extends to the Law of Perpetual Motion or Transmutation.  These laws refer to the quality of higher vibrational energy that “knows” how to consume and transform lower vibrational energy through the expansion of Light.  The non-reciprocity of this law simply means that lower vibrations do not have the power to consume or transform higher vibrational energies.  This quality of energy is key, as it provides another system of checks and balances to ensure our forward evolutionary progression.  If this law were reciprocal, humanity would be doomed for sure! 

Everyone is our Teacher

       As discussed earlier, all energy is in perpetual motion. The purpose that this perpetual, infinite motion serves is to ensure that the natural, innate proclivity of all energy to move toward and ultimately to transcend into higher forms, is realized.  When the potential energy of the caterpillar is released and transcends into the kinetic energy of the butterfly, this energy takes on a new, visible form, as well as a new purpose.  When, for example, you are in a bad mood and a friend comes to cheer you up, the energy of your negative emotions is transmuted into higher vibrational energy – if and only if, the positive energy is stronger than the negative energy (the Law of Entrainment).  In this process, you feel better and your mood changes from a negative, lower vibration, to a positive, higher vibration. 

       Since we have established that this law is not reciprocal, how does it work then, when you are in a good mood, you visit a friend who is depressed, and you both end up depressed?  The only way this can happen is if your friend’s bad mood is stronger than your good mood, or if you give your power away, choosing of your own free will, to allow your friend’s depression to trigger the same feeling in you. Sometimes we do this consciously and sometimes we do it unconsciously, but either way the result is the same – after all, this is the Law.  If you engage the power of loving compassion to hold your higher vibration, your good mood, then it would be impossible for your friend to remain depressed, at least while you were in his or her presence.

       The power of this Law is equal to the power of our free will (both are very powerful!) to the extent that we are either courageous enough to claim mastery over our power to choose, or we give it away.  Using our will to set an intention to clear all past depleting thinking, beliefs, and perceptions, in addition to using our wills to enhance the power of forgiveness, has the effect of transmuting any energies that no longer serve us, thus supporting the forward movement of our evolution to the next level.

       Understanding, a shift in frequency in and of itself, has the power to transmute energy.  Have you ever been upset about something, then finally someone explained it to you and suddenly you “got it” and were no longer upset?  When the proverbial light turns on, we see more clearly what is true. And this clarity of vision has the potential to transmute any lower vibrations that may have prevented that clarity initially.  Under the influence of this Law, forgiveness takes on a whole new light as we continue to deepen our understanding and shift our perspective.

       When we are able to look at our past experiences from a higher perspective and begin to understand the ultimate gift, how much strength we have gained as a result of the challenge in a perceived “wrongdoing,” the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy takes effect and forgiveness takes on a new dimension.  This is what we call Grace.  W Grace is present, we are able to transcend the vibration of “victimhood”, which, in turn, transcends our perception of “wrong vs right”, which in turn can then transcend even our need to forgive.    These layers of transcendence that ultimately lead to Grace and Gratitude, can only arise when we are willing to move beyond the wounded victim to the empowered master.  With this, comes the expanded understanding that the empowered master level of transcendence is only possible when we are willing to surrender our pain to Divine Grace.

         An important part of our evolutionary Journey from duality back to a remembrance of Oneness is learning to transcend our judgement of all wrong and right.  Rumi’s words sum up this idea beautifully, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” From the perspective of having transcended the polarity of “wrong and right,” we can look back at our past experiences with gratitude for what we have learned, the strength of understanding we have gained, and we can clearly recognize that there is a bigger reason behind every action and reaction. From that perspective, it becomes crystal clear that everyone and every circumstance is our teacher.  It is in this way, that all energy, all consciousness is perpetually transmuted.

“Matter is powerless, passive and inert.  Mind is force, energy, power.

Mind shapes and controls matter.  Every form which matter takes

is but the expression of some pre-existing thought.”  

~ Charles E. Haanel, The Master Key System

Questions for Contemplation:

1.  How do you see the correlation between Spiritual Growth and the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy?

2.  Describe an experience when you knew you had access to the Infinite Beauty and Power of the Universe and you unknowingly limited it by trying to capture it.

3.  Think of and describe a time when you transmuted the energy of a challenging and uncomfortable moment through the energy of loving compassion, acceptance or understanding.

4.  As you reflect on your responses to the 3 above questions, what have you learned about yourself in relationship to this Law?

 ©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved.

Class 7 – The Law of Polarity 

Without pain, joy becomes shallow. Without ’falling to earth,’ 

there can be no transcendent flight. [1] 

Michael J. Roads, Talking with Nature 

One of the basic laws of physics is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Another name for this is the “Law of Polarity,” which exemplifies the dual nature of our existence. The dualities of “good vs. bad,” “black vs. white,” “dark vs. light,” “sad vs. happy,” “rich vs. poor,” etc., are part of our awareness constantly. Since e-motion is actually energy in motion, the Law of Polarity applies to all levels of our existence, including our emotions and thoughts. We have learned that there is an opposite to every emotion – an infinite continuum of everything we could possibly feel and/or experience in each moment of our lives. Which of these emotions we actually feel or experience in any given moment depends upon many factors, the most influential of which is our thought(s) in that moment. Since our thoughts virtually birth our emotions, the emotions we feel are based upon those thoughts just prior to the rise of the emotion. By using techniques of mindful awareness (conscious choice), coupled

with energetic clearing, we can consciously choose thoughts that create supportive, strengthening emotions, as opposed to being in default mode and continually feeling emotions that suck the Life Force right out of us. In other words, every thought that we think, and then feed, has the power to heal and revitalize us or drain and deplete us. Thus, with conscious awareness, we have the power to turn our minds either into “healing machines of freedom” or into destructive prisons. It is up to us. 

No matter on which end of the polarity continuum we are focusing, or whether we are judging our perception of that as good or bad, a recognition of these opposite poles is significant in the meaning that each seemingly opposing force gives to its seeming adversary. Light would have no meaning without darkness because we would have no reference point for what the lack of light looked like, or felt like. This is similarly true with every word or concept that has an opposite. Like the colors mentioned earlier, any set of opposing beliefs, emotions or words in general, appear to be separate entities in and of themselves. However, they are actually different frequencies of the same vibrational continuum. If the Law of Oneness is Truth, then this previous sentence must also be Truth. 

For example, between hot and cold, there are many values of warm, lukewarm and cool. We can even expand the polarity to the extremes from freezing to scalding, with all of the possible variations of temperature in between. Vibrationally, all opposites are just two extremes of the same frequency, or different hues of the same color. A lack of heat is required in order for cold to exist, just as a lack of Love is required for hatred to exist. Our free will gives us the power to move along these continuums freely with awareness, and to determine where we want to focus our attention, which in turn, determines our experiences. When we use our awareness and our will together to perceive when there is a lack of Love (or anything else, for that matter), we can simply choose to be the source for the vibration that is missing, introducing it back into the equation/situation we are witnessing. 

Transcending Judgment 

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, you may love spending time outdoors in the winter, skiing, skating, making snow figures, or just walking through the woods after a newly fallen snow, but you may also love the summertime, doing very different warmer weather activities. Here you have two opposite ends of the spectrum, and you can see that it is possible to love them both. The more flexibly we can move along these continuums in our awareness, without judging them as good or bad, the more peaceful lives we will lead.

Recognizing also that we have the ability to change our awareness in any given moment to another point on the continuum that feels better (this is the correct use of will), is a powerful way to stay in balance and harmony within ourselves and with our environment. If you have dark blue and you want light blue, all you have to do is add white (light) to get to the shade that you want. Similarly, if you are sad and you decide that this vibration is not serving you, then all you have to do is visualize the darker blue in your mind’s eye and then visualize adding light to it, with your intention. As you let yourself receive this white light – and you must consciously allow this receiving – you can actually “see” the dark blue becoming lighter. Your experience is less sadness, more peace, and possibly even more joy. 

If it is your perception that you have a valid reason for being sad, say the death of a loved one, you may choose to allow yourself to feel this sadness until it no longer serves you to grieve. Gaining a higher vibrational understanding of death and its relationship to the evolutionary process of our souls can be an invaluable support in learning to transcend the more conventional perspective that death is loss and therefore bad or wrong. From the perspective of the Greater Whole, the human cycle of birth and death is no different from the same cycle in all of Nature. It is simply an integral and necessary aspect of the phases of this cycle and appears in every level of life, from the microscopic all the way out to the planets, stars, and galaxies. 

In this dualistic world, our perception of opposites is just that – only our perception. Opposites are merely different expressions of the same quality, only in different degrees. Since this is true with all opposites, the gift in this Law is that we can

change our experience of any quality by choosing where along the continuum we want to place our focus. There are no mistakes, so no matter which frequency along this vibrational continuum we find ourselves exploring in any given moment, and no matter what that frequency feels like, there is a gift to be found there, because there is wisdom to be found there. If we are willing to stay there long enough to truly accept, understand, and know that frequency, feeling our Oneness with it, we will come to understand how any and every particular frequency impacts our cellular, molecular and atomic structure. We have all come to know how the frequency of sadness feels, how the frequency of anger feels, how the frequency of joy feels, etc…. As we learn how the matter within our bodies responds to various energy frequencies on a first-hand basis, we will discover the Gift in this Wisdom. A critical criteria for returning to Oneness (choosing to transcend Polarity) is the acceptance that all parts of the Whole serve a vital purpose – that every part of the Whole, when acknowledged and honored, is Sacred Medicine to heal the Source of all perceived separation. 

Since all things contain the principle of polarity within them, then all things can be changed. The way things are changed is by directing the ‘charge’ of energy along the continuum that resides between the two polarities. It is that simple. The power of the mind, which controls the emotions is the key to understanding that ALL THINGS CAN BE CHANGED. The first step in change is CHOOSING TO DO SO. [2] 

Since all that we experience is an energy frequency that we can choose to change, one of the easiest ways to do that is to simply choose to shift our own frequency to a higher one. As we perceive the same experience from a higher perspective, our response can also be shifted to align with the higher perspective. 

“Everything in the Universe is what it is by virtue of its rate of vibration. Change the rate of vibration and you change the nature, quality and form.” ~ Charles E. Haanel, The Master Key System

Questions for Contemplation: 

1. ”… every thought that we think has the power to heal and revitalize us or drain and deplete us.” How can you use this statement as a valuable tool for strengthening your awareness of your responses to life? 

2. Do you believe it is possible for you to transcend judgment? Why or Why not? 

3. Does using the metaphor of the color spectrum help you in deepening your understanding of the Polarity continuum of opposites? How so? 

4. How does gaining a new understanding of the Law of Polarity support you in embracing the power within you to be a change-maker in your own life? 

©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved. 

[1] Roads, Michael J. Talking With Nature. Tiburon, CA: H.J. Kramer, Inc., 1985, 1987. p.148 [2] McCune, Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley. The Light Shall Set You Free. Scottsdale, AZ: Athena Publishing, 1996. p.230

[1] McCune, Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley. The Light Shall Set You Free. Scottsdale, AZ: Athena Publishing, 1996. p. 215

Class 8 – Law of Rhythm

The principles underlying this law are defined as the movements of the in-breath and the out-breath of God.  Life moves in cycles and is constantly renewing itself, first from the highs and then from the lows, next from within and then from without.  These rhythms connect the two extremes revealed in the Law of Polarity.  These rhythmic motions are what constitute the heartbeat and the pulse of Life itself. [1]  

The Light Shall Set You Free, Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune

         The Law or Principle of Rhythm is the Universe’s response to the Law or Principle of Polarity, providing a vehicle to navigate within the Polarity continuum – between the negative and positive poles.  The Law of Rhythm allows for a natural flow between our experiences of day and night, Love and fear, joy and sadness, etc…  These Laws exist and function in all planes of existence, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.  Though the laws of physics validate the Law of Rhythm on the physical plane (cycles of the moon, tides, seasons, women’s menstrual cycles), validation of these rhythmic patterns are less obvious on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes.  We see this in the physical world most easily with the flow of birth and death, and the rise and fall of nations, businesses and buildings; in the emotional world, with the constant birthing and dying away (ebb and flow) of emotions; in the mental world with the birth of new thoughts, ideas, creations, and the dying away (forgetting) of the same; and, we see this in the spiritual world, with the Inbreath and the Outbreath of Life itself.  We see it with the birthing, growth and death of suns, planets, galaxies, and universes.  We experience this continual rhythmic ebb and flow in our spiritual awareness, our faith in a power greater than ourselves, and our willingness to recognize and embrace our Oneness with all Life.

         We see rhythms throughout the natural world.  As stated in the quotation above, these rhythms are the breath or the “heartbeat and the pulse of life itself.  When we disregard or become oblivious to these rhythms that are so vital to life, we separate ourselves from the Essence of that Life, both around us and within us.  As I mentioned in the chapter “Symbolism,” the cycles of the moon, the tides, the seasons, the rhythms in our own bodies, are all reminders that Life does not separate itself into different forms.  That separation occurs only in our own minds.  Life is life no matter what form it takes and all Life is interconnected and interdependent because all Life has just one Source – the same Source.  Rhythm is the mechanism by which the polar opposites are joined, as it is the movement from the negative pole to the positive pole and back again, that creates and sustains all Life.

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”                                                                    -The Kybalion

         The rhythms of Life in all its forms move like a pendulum, from one side to the other side in an equi-distant fashion, perfectly balanced.  Rhythms are what allow us to remain in balance, despite the fact that when we find ourselves sometimes on an uncomfortable side of the pendulum, we feel out of balance.  You have heard the term, “This too shall pass.”?  Well, thanks to the Law of Rhythm, this is a guarantee – it is the Law!  Since energy is always in motion, we can always be certain that nothing can stay the same for very long.  In the same way, we can always be certain that the tides will come in and the tides will go out. 

         Because it is through the contrast of seeming polar opposites and the rhythmic movement between these seemingly opposite poles that we learn to navigate our lives, it is important to understand how the Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm work in harmony for our benefit.   As mentioned when we used the color spectrum to better understand the Polarity continuum, every color or aspect along the continuum, is simply a different hue or variation of the same energy.  When we find ourselves on a continuum point that does not feel good, all we have to do is slide our awareness onto another point along the same energy spectrum that feels better.  The more we come to know any one point on one side of the continuum, (because all is part of the whole and all is One) the more we come to know the associated (opposite) point on the other end of this continuum, merely through the experience of the “other”. 

         For example, by experiencing despair, I learn what it is like not to feel joy.  When I experience conditional love, I learn more about the nature of unconditional love.  The more familiar we become with each point along any given continuum, the more easily we can make the choice to move from a point that does not feel good, to a point that does feel good.  In the process, we increase our capacity to feel compassion when others experience despair or conditional love, because we know how very difficult it is to experience those lower frequencies.  Once we understand this concept, there is no longer the same sense of “opposites”, but a more congruent sense of the ultimate perfection in Oneness.

”When I heal myself, I heal the world, and when I know myself, I know the world. “

Excerpt from the Documentary, Down to Earth, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoWgEOxoQy4&feature=youtu.be

         Remember a time when you felt very concerned about an issue when you went to bed, and awoke the next morning feeling much better about it?   The pendulum just moved to the other side of the continuum while you were sleeping.  It may not always work out this way for us, but when it does happen, it is such a relief!  We can set this shift in motion more often by surrendering our concern before we go to sleep.  When we release our resistance to our own natural rhythmic shift, the shift will happen on its own, with no effort required.  Remember that when energy moves, it is constantly shifting in frequency – either moving from high to low or low to high.  We can always count on this rhythmic movement, and in our certainty, we can learn to use the constantly shifting flow and momentum of the energy within and around us to not only minimize our suffering, but to actually mitigate it altogether.

       When was the last time you just stopped and listened to your own heartbeat or your own breath?  Time as we know it, has unwittingly increased our sense of separation from the Oneness to be found in Nature.  Indigenous tribes and Original Peoples all over the world once knew the sacredness of their connection to Nature’s rhythms because their survival depended upon being tuned in to environmental changes and rhythms.  Knowing the time of day or the time of year, understanding weather patterns, finding food and water sources, the moon cycles and stars were all functions of tuning in to Nature and communicating with their surroundings.

Nature is Vital to Vitality

         In our modern cultures, all we have to do is to look at a clock to know what time it is or listen to a weather forecast to know what the weather will be.  We go to a supermarket for our food with little or no thought about where it came from or how it came to be on the shelf.  We have no obvious reason to remember how vital our connection really is to Nature and to all of Life.  Thus, we have no idea why we feel like something is missing in our lives.  We have no idea why we feel disconnected, from what exactly we have become disconnected, or why we feel disjointed from each other, let alone from Nature.  We have come to rely on machines to do our calculating and “figuring” for us and as a result, we have set aside our potential, putting it on the back burner and in some cases, we have completely forgotten it.  We have forgotten that our potential with Nature is far greater than it is when we believe we are separate from Nature.

       To illustrate this point, let’s look at the example of the tsunami that decimated parts of Indonesia, Thailand and India in December of 2003.  Approximately two hundred thousand people died in a literal wave of human devastation, causing grief, untold suffering, and hardships for all in its wake.  From all accounts that I have read, however, not one animal was found dead in the aftermath of human death and destruction.  Two hundred thousand human deaths, and not one animal died in this technologically unpredictable natural disaster!  With all of the highly advanced technology that money can buy, so typical of our times, we could not predict what every single animal already, effortlessly and instinctively knew because of its profound and innate connection with Nature.

       When we are connected to the Greater Whole, we do not need machinery and technology to know, understand, and prepare for the inevitable and natural rhythms of Nature.  It is the retrieval of our forgotten, but not lost, connection to this Greater Whole that is all that is required to align with and literally to rise above the natural rhythms of the Earth.  The animals saved themselves by showing us that the only way to transcend the Natural Laws of the Universe, is to rise above them – not by controlling them.  We do this first by raising our level of understanding of this connection, which instantly enhances our connection.  The wildlife, “tuned in” to the obvious warnings that they understood through their connection and Oneness with Nature, knew instinctively to move to higher ground in order to rise above the pending, imminent disaster.  Having lost our connection to the natural world, humans did not receive these same warnings, that could have communicated to us to find safety and refuge by moving to higher ground.  Humans too, could have transcended this wave of destruction, had they only remembered and honored their Oneness with Nature.

       Our technology, no matter how advanced it becomes, can never replace our connection with Nature and the re-membering of our Oneness.  Having relied solely (rather than soul-ly) on our technology for information that that very technology was incapable of providing, human beings became the victims of the natural and inevitable rhythms of Nature, instead of tapping in to our knowing, and rising above or transcending the imminent danger, to ride it out in safety.  The fact that we still experience loss and suffering at all, only serves as information that we have not yet embraced that which we need to know in order to rise above it altogether.  Our failure to tune in to this “information” is also an indication that we have lost touch with our Oneness in the Greater Whole that connects us all to each other and to all of Life.  We have lost touch with the part of us that is and has always been one with Nature and the part of Nature that is one with us.  This reconnection is vital to the sustainability and continuance of all Life on this planet.

       No matter how technologically and scientifically advanced we become, we will never succeed in controlling the Laws of Rhythm, because the advancement of our species does not depend on controlling Nature, as we have believed since Newtonian times.  On the contrary, the key is to understand that there is a natural rhythm to everything that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist.  This understanding must embrace our own inclusion in the greater scheme of things with our recognition of these greater rhythms and how they affect, synchronize, and ultimately unify with our own individual rhythms.                 

Personal Rhythms

Gaining an understanding of our own individual rhythms may be the best place to start.  Whenever the Greater Whole feels too overwhelming to comprehend, we can always take our focus to the personal level. Focusing our attention on our own microcosm, we can gain an understanding of our personal rhythms, while at the same time, acknowledging, even if only on an intellectual level, our connection to and interdependence with something larger than ourselves.  Moreover, it is time to remember through our expanded awareness, that we are vitally connected within the Web of Life, affecting the quality of every natural rhythm and movement within that Web with every thought, word, and action either for better, or for worse. This will aid us in expanding our personal understanding out to the Greater Whole, thus expanding our understanding of our sacred relationship to the Whole.  As we choose to reconnect and re-member this sacred participatory relationship with all of Life, our reclaimed relationship with Nature plugs us back in to working with the forces of Nature rather than against them. 

            Consciously tuning in to better understand ourselves has the added benefit of increasing our awareness of our emotional responses to our daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly rhythms.  The more we are able to increase our awareness of our emotional responses to these rhythms, the less likely we are to react with fear or to allow negative emotions to control our thoughts, words and actions. When we cultivate negative thoughts (seeds), we produce or reap negative fruit!  With awareness and a conscious choice to understand and master our use of all our senses, we can use intelligent Love and Wisdom in choosing our responses to the ups and downs – rhythms – of life.

There is a rhythm in the universe, which rightly understood would resolve all conflict.  There is a peace in the universe, a freedom from confusion, which rightly understood would heal all troubles.  There is an all-encompassing love in the universe, which rightly understood would heal all emotional difficulties.  There is a creativity in the universe, which rightly understood would keep us whole and vitally active in expressing it. [2]

“The Peace of Wild Things

When despair for the world grows in me

and I wake in the night at the least sound

in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,

I go and lie down where the wood drake

rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.

I come into the peace of wild things

who do not tax their lives with forethought

of grief. I come into the presence of still water.

And I feel above me the day-blind stars

waiting with their light. For a time

I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”

Wendell Berry, The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

Questions for Contemplation:

1.    ”When we disregard or become oblivious to these rhythms that are so vital to Life, we separate ourselves from the Essence of that Life, both around us and within us.”

Do you see any correlation between this statement and the unrest we are currently experiencing in our world?

2.    How can listening to your own heartbeat and/or becoming more aware of your breath support you in remembering your vital connection to the Web of Life?

3.     How might your new understanding of the Law of Polarity and its relationship to the Law of Rhythm support you in more easily shifting out of judgment into compassion?

4.    What tangible ways can you turn back the clock in your own microcosm, making a choice to live more in harmony with Nature’s Rhythms?

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Class 9:  Law of Gender

Pair of Atlantic Puffins

The universe is made up of two principles, yin and yang… otherwise known as

feminine and masculine.  This law states that these two principles reside in

all things and it is through these principles that humanity is able to create…

In the understanding of this law comes the union of the Divine.

In the beginning of time and matter, Consciousness expanded its Presence as waves of energy, infusing itself into particles, atoms and molecules, in the form of two opposing seeds – negatively charged seeds and positively charged seeds.  The natural magnetic attraction and repulsion of these opposing seeds created a tension between seemingly opposing forces.  The Point of Tension created in this process is the building block of Creation Itself – an absolutely necessary component of Creation.  When we feel this Point of Tension in our lives, an understanding of this Law offers us a Divine Invitation to create something new.

The Law of Gender has little to do with men and women specifically and everything to do with that which makes up the substance of all of Life.  

Regardless of what term is used, these two principles are found in every subatomic particle in the universe, and comprise the foundation for creation itself. 

In languages like Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, every word that exists in these languages is either masculine or feminine. There is no neuter gender as there is in Latin and English.  There is a subtle, core wisdom at the foundation of the “active romance” languages that is missed by most modern linguists.   All life, all matter, everything that exists, seen or unseen, when broken down into its smallest components, is driven by the tension that exists in the electromagnetic charges at the atomic and sub-atomic levels. The existence of the Original Seeds that were intended to be the very substance, the foundation of all matter, are the Remembrance Seeds for the Highest Potential for Life – when and only when – we are willing to allow the resulting Point of Tension, to inform and Guide the unfolding of our own Highest Potential.  Without the necessary building blocks of substance itself, how could there be any substance? 

            These foundational or Seed electrical charges are either negative/feminine or positive/masculine.  It is only in the coming together, in the union of these two fundamental principles of Life, that neutral (Sacred Union) is even possible.  It is the interaction of these charges that creates and moves all Life. Indeed, without these polar-opposite charges, Life as we know it could not exist at all.   Within our beings, we have literally billions of electrically charged particles, each looking to complete itself by unifying with its polar opposite.  When a positive particle joins with a negative particle, a neutral charge is achieved, and the particle becomes stable and complete.  Positive particles move constantly, seeking to fulfill themselves by finding a negative particle and giving themselves to it.  Negative particles are less mobile and therefore more passive, and tend to wait, opening themselves to receive that which will realize their completion and fulfillment. Positive charges are considered “masculine” and negative charges are considered “feminine.”  Again, the “masculine” and “feminine” labeling of the polar-opposite charges does not translate into what we have come to know as “man” and “woman”.  Neither do the connotations respectively of “good” and “bad” with positive and negative apply here, as both are absolutely essential to Life.  

Qualities of Positive and Negative Seed Charges

Each of these charges carries with it a set of qualities that correspond to the nature of the individual charge and exist as necessary building-block components to the Whole.  For example, the positive charge or masculine aspect carries the qualities of Light, Fire and Air, mind, quick thinking, the “know-how,” the strength, courage, and the drive to move forward, continuing the evolutionary process of seeking fulfillment.  The feminine qualities are Darkness, Water, Earth, receptivity to new ideas, compassion, caring, nurturing, intuitive knowing or wisdom, and the desire to cultivate the ability to trust our instincts, and act upon this intuitive knowing, to allow for the fulfillment of the potential within the intuitive Wisdom.  Ultimately, it is receptivity to all that supports Life in accessing and activating the inner wisdom that guides Life to self-fulfillment.  

            As you may have noticed, the common denominator between these two seemingly opposing forces, is the desire for fulfillment.  These two forces, rather, are intended to be complementary (Law of Complementarity in action!) to each other to ensure the realization of the ultimate Sacred Union – the return to Wholeness and remembrance of our Sacred relationship with each other and all Life.  As we allow the awakening of our own Remembrance Seed and embrace the Sacredness of all aspects of our own Being – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual – then we can begin to see the Sacredness of others.  As we know, when we are willing to really listen… AND hear people with opposing perspectives, through the power of compassionate understanding, the distance between those poles can be greatly diminished, if not (seemingly magically!) unified.  Attention to and honoring of the Sacred, both within and without, allows for the first level of fulfillment.

            Another important aspect to grasp is that both masculine and feminine charges, as the building blocks of Life, are within each of us at our most basic level, regardless of our outer gender.  It literally takes both to make the world go ʼround. The point is that the interaction of the positive (yang, masculine principle) and the negative (yin, feminine principle) subatomic particles are absolutely essential, as without either one or the other, no life could exist as we know it.  It is the interaction or interplay and the ultimate union of these seeming opposites that is the causative factor behind all matter, all Life, and all Creation.  It is the Law of Gender that creates the basis for the Law of Polarity, and the Law of Attraction, and it is the action of attraction and repulsion, driven by an innate desire for self-completion, fulfillment, or wholeness, that is the cause of Life itself.  Another word for this “cause of life” is Love.

Man comes forth, as do all lives within the radius of influence of a solar system,

upon the inspiration of love, expressed in wisdom.  Love is not a sentiment.

Love is the great principle of attraction, of desire, of magnetic pull, and

(within our solar system) that principle demonstrates as the attraction

and the interplay between the pairs of opposites.

This interplay provides every needed grade or type of unfoldment for consciousness.

We humans, as matter enlivened with Spirit, with all of the basic hardware and software that is foundational to our makeup, must inescapably have at the core of every cell, every molecule and every atom and sub-atomic particle of our being, both the positive and the negative principles.  Denying or diminishing either one of these is diminishing Life itself.  For the last several thousand years, the Feminine (negative or magnetic) Principle has been subjugated by a world that at some point decided that the Masculine Principle was more important or must dominate the Feminine Principle.  With no understanding of the Law of Gender, or the Law of Complementarity, however, there is also no understanding that this approach to Life limits all of Life, not just the Feminine aspect.  The limitation or squelching of one does NOT give the other more power!  In actuality, it weakens both because in the diminishment of one Life Principle, all Life is diminished.  As long as the Feminine Principle is suppressed, the Masculine Principle is necessarily incomplete and will never feel complete until the Feminine is once again embraced as a valued, Sacred and necessary part of the Whole.  Without all the parts of the Whole intact, fully accepted, and functioning optimally, how can there ever be true Wholeness?  When the Feminine Principle is quelled, then all of Creation is quelled at its most basic level.  As a result, our ability and capacity to give and receive love is compromised along with our ultimate potential for fulfillment.  

The symbology of women being the child bearers is a prime example of how the negative principle IS the Creative Principle.  Even with this understanding, it is still necessary for the union of the masculine with the feminine principles in order for the creative process of union, of love, to be complete.  Again, both principles are an integral part of the fulfillment of Life.  When two people who are whole and complete within themselves unite in Love, regardless of their outer gender, fulfillment happens.

Wholeness (Holiness) is Sacred

With the understanding of these fundamental aspects of our beings, we can then begin to see and even to honor these qualities in ourselves and in each other.  A greater appreciation of all the parts that make up the Whole makes for a Whole that is not only more appreciated, but Sacred.  It is this Sacredness that is lacking in our perceptions of each other.  It is the lack of recognition and appreciation for this wholeness and this Sacredness at the very core of our own beings that is the origin of the void that we all feel at the core of our beings, and the origin of our perception that we are separate.  This perception of separation – a separation from the Source of Love – has caused us to believe that we must compete with each other rather than work together in complementarity.  Due to this deep sense of lack at our core, most of us have come to believe that there is not enough of anything and therefore, we must be in competition for all that is, in order to survive.  The need for competition perpetuates the illusion of separation.  The illusion of separation prolongs our suffering and prevents us from our own fulfillment, from experiencing the ultimate Sacred Union, a return to Oneness.

It is the union of the feminine and the masculine principles within each of us, as well as within the Greater Whole that is the prerequisite for the “birthing of the soul aspect” (Love) that is necessary for our fulfillment.  Humanity’s fascination, obsession with sex is a direct result of the pull of the magnetic, Feminine Principle trying to complete (not compete!), fulfill and rebalance itself.  Unfortunately, we have misunderstood this pull, this magnetism that is such a powerful draw throughout the world.  Because of the very power of this magnetic pull, we have gotten pulled further and further into the negative vortex of the glamour, lust, and illusionary perception that we need sex to be happy and fulfilled.  If this were true, there certainly would be a higher percentage of happy, fulfilled people in our world, don’t you think?  Without Love, the act of sex only deepens the void that so many people are doing their best to a-void.  Instead, they unwittingly are drawn further and further into the void, away from themselves and away from their deepest longing for fulfillment.  Using our bodies for self-gratification toys, although momentarily gratifying, cannot contribute to our fulfillment, and more than eating an entire pint of your favorite ice cream can bring fulfillment.

Happiness, contentment, and fulfillment do not come from sex, money, or even success, from the standpoint of our modern-day global definition of success.  Fulfillment comes from the true union (not just in the physical sense), of these two most basic principles in reciprocal, complementary, unconditional love, and genuine sacredness, based on reciprocal appreciation and honoring in all of our relationships.  When we truly understand and embody this principle as the causative factor for the realization of the highest potential for Life, we will be ready to be in reverent participatory relationship with all of Life.  Indeed, when humanity is fully ready to embrace and value the foundational feminine quality of Life within all of Nature, suffering, the perception of emptiness will dissolve, and true Divine Union will be possible.  The fulfilled Divine Feminine can transmute all pain (lack of Love) back into Love, through compassion.  Therefore, until we are able to honor and embody the Sacred Feminine Principles first and then heal the Sacred Masculine Principles, there will be no Peace on Earth!

As we begin to recognize, embrace, own, nurture, and heal both the feminine and the masculine qualities within each of us, we will begin to reclaim our wholeness (Holiness) while gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other, and our relationship to the Whole.  This visceral level of understanding will shift from an intellectual understanding – the kind where we try to figure out what makes each other tick – to a heart-felt knowing, a deeper recognition of that which both connects and completes each one of us.  The difference between these two levels of understanding will be the difference between war and peace, illness and health, lack, and prosperity.  We must be open to embracing Love more than we are open to embracing fear.  We can do this by visualizing that which we are longing for, rather than fearing that which we do not want, while embracing all of it as valuable information for our growth.  We must once again learn to trust our instinctual knowing of what supports our Life Force and what depletes our Life Force. Only then can we reclaim our power to consciously choose only that which supports and enhances ourselves and Life itself.    

Until we accomplish this, we will neither be in balance nor in peace.  We will not truly know ourselves and therefore we will not be capable of knowing or seeing each other in our True Light. 

Each of us is Gifted as part of our Divine Birthright, with an innate potential and propensity to cultivate and strengthen both the masculine qualities and the feminine qualities within us so that the coming together, the ultimate unification, aligns us with the greater Holy Union of our Source.  This is the ultimate Immaculate Concept, the Sacred Union of the Father and the Mother giving birth to, creating new Life.  This happens when the giving (masculine) and the receiving (feminine) are in perfect balance, order, and harmony.  Perfect union cannot happen without perfectly balanced, harmonic synthesis between the pairs of opposites.  However, as we come to understand that seeming opposites are not actually opposing, they are complementary, we will begin to understand the nature of true Unity.

An understanding of the Natural Laws of the Universe (and these are just a few) is not only essential but crucial to our forward evolution as a species.  It is through an understanding of these Laws that we will come to know our own very Nature.  And as we do this, we will come to know peaceful, balanced harmony within ourselves and within our world for the first time.

“What if we allowed ourselves to be guided by kindness, 

patience, and awareness?… 

What if we simply sought peace and connection?”

                                                                                  ~  Sarah Robinson, Yin Magic

“To Know the Dark”

To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.”
― Wendell Berry, Terrapin: Poems by Wendell Berry

Questions for Contemplation:

  1. Looking at the “Feminine” qualities and the ‘Masculine” qualities, which set of qualities would you say is more dominate in your personality?  How are these qualities serving you?
  1. Based on your response to question 1, how might your fulfillment be supported or even quickened by cultivating the complementary set of qualities?  Which of these qualities is the most challenging for you to embrace?
  1. ”When the Feminine Principle is quelled, then all of Creation is quelled at its most basic level.  As a result, our ability and capacity to give and receive love is compromised along with our ultimate potential for fulfillment. “                             Do you see a reflection of this phenomenon in any part of your life? 
  1. “However, as we come to understand that seeming opposites are not actually opposing, they are complementary, we will begin to understand the nature of true Unity.”  

Has your understanding of the nature of true Unity shifted as a result of this course?  Please explain.

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Class 10 – Law of ReciprocityBees working on a honeycomb

“There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life –   reciprocity.”                                                                                 ~Confucius

By now, I believe you have a sense of how each of the Laws of the Universe build on, complement, and enhance each other.  Ultimately, when all the Universal Laws are honored and coherent within our own understanding, they are infinitely more powerful in their unity.  In the same token, when all parts of the whole are working together for the greater good, the potential for the greater whole increases exponentially.

We know what happens when we take without giving back.  We know what happens when we clear cut forests without replanting, when we greedily overharvest the fish in the seas and rivers, when we blindly mine all of the minerals from a mountain, gutting the mountain, and never even clean up the tailings and destruction left behind afterward, when we take individuals for granted without giving something back in return.  When we do this, the balance of Nature is harmed, changed forever… and so are we, whether we recognize this or not.  

The Laws of Reciprocity and Complementarity are foundational principles underlying and unifying every Law that exists.  Giving and taking must be balanced in order for balance to be possible.  The Laws of Reciprocity and Complementarity are also foundational to the Laws of Rhythm, Gender, Polarity, and Compensation.  Remember that the negative charge (feminine principle) is the receiver, and the positive charge (masculine principle) is the giver. Without both of these in rhythmic, reciprocal action, there is no Life, there is no Unity.  

Denis Kucinich reminds us that, 

“Peace is not just the absence of war, it is the active presence of a capacity for love and compassion, and reciprocity.  It is an awareness that our lives are not to be lived simply for ourselves through expressing our individuality, but we confirm the purpose of our lives through the work of expressing our shared sense of community in a purposeful and practical way; to sustain our own lives, we sustain the lives of others – in family, in a community of neighborhoods called a city, in a community of nations called the world.”

            We have learned what happens when one species forgets, disregards, and disrespects its sacred relationship with Nature and all Life.  All of Nature is thrown so far out of balance that Life itself is now threatened.  Humanity is the only species on the planet who has forgotten this very basic principle that is so foundational to a balanced eco-system, a balanced world.  In doing so, humanity has thrown every eco-system out of balance, impacting every other species, causing the extinction or near extinction of so many of our once prized sources of inspiration and beauty.  It is time for humanity to remember, to take responsibility, and to be accountable for the imbalance and harm that has been created here.  It is time for humanity to begin to give back and to repair the damage we have done, restoring balance and harmony for all Life.

            The Original Peoples of the Earth have always known this Truth, this necessary balance, and have lived their lives honoring this Truth, in harmony with Life.  Disrespecting Nature and the balance of All Life was completely unfathomable to them, because they fully understood and felt the Sacred connection and delicate balance between and among all sentient beings.  All planting happened in communication with the Earth, with the Moon cycles, the seasons, and the natural complementary rhythms of Life.  When trees were cut, permission was asked, and healing offerings were given back to the Earth in reciprocity for what was taken.  We naturally take care of what we love, and what we bless, blesses and cares for us.  Yet, humanity as a whole has not honored this natural, rhythmic balance of Life to the point where humanity can now be seen as an enemy of the Earth.  

With an understanding of the Laws of Nature and how they work, can you see what a precarious situation we have created for ourselves?  Mitigation requires a remembrance of the Universal Laws.  When Life is an ongoing, reciprocal exchange of energy, balance is the effect of a cause founded in understanding and honored connection.

“The universe is a vast system of exchange.  Every artery of it is in motion, throbbing with reciprocity, from the planet to the rotting leaf.”                                                               ~Edwin Hubbel Chapin

            When we think of the extent of the damage, and in some cases, the total destruction that has been ongoing on Earth for centuries, it is truly overwhelming – so much so that many of us have no idea how or where to begin.  We, personally, may have not been the ones clear-cutting our forests, or fracking, or drilling for oil, or blasting mountains.  We think, “The ones who have been doing the damage should be responsible.  The big corporations did the damage – they should fix it.”  Though this line of thinking may be logical from a 3-D perspective, is it not good enough from a spiritual perspective.  At the spiritual level we know that we are all One.  We know that the impact of unconscious actions affects each and every one of us, all of Nature and all of Life.

What can we do?  We can take an honest look at our own thoughts, words, and actions and observe where we are not honoring the Law of Reciprocity in our relationships with family, co-workers, community members, Nature?  Where are we taking more than we are giving, or giving more than we are taking?  Each of these contributes to the greater imbalance.  Allowing the cycle of giving and receiving to complete itself within our beings and our personal microcosms will support the restoration of balance and harmony within ourselves and in Nature.  As we live the Truth of this perception, using the energy of the Laws of the Universe for the Highest Good for all Life, we will begin to feel a great Peace than we have ever known!

Please take 24 minutes and watch this film short as part of this class, as we will talk about the feelings it evoked in you for our next class on Jan. 30th.   The Earth Mother’s Cry has 3 distinct, yet un-named segments.  Notice (please don’t analyze), just feel in your heart, the transitions of these segments and how each of them makes you feel.  

  1. Mother Earth is asking us to know Her pain.  Knowing Her pain is the first step in embracing the Truth that we are all One.  Let yourself feel into this part of the film without censoring whatever feelings flow.
  2. Mother Earth want us to Remember our Oneness with all of Nature.  She invites us to see ourselves as one with each species, to know the Power in the Beauty of Nature and the delicate balance that each requires to thrive.
  3. In the final segment of the film, Mother Earth is inviting us to walk with her, to breathe with her and to Love and Embrace all Life with her – not just as we view the film, but every moment of our lives!

Questions for Contemplation:

  1. What does honoring the Law of Reciprocity mean to you personally?
  1. What are your thoughts… is it???   “Is it possible for a person to love without wanting love back?  Is anything so pure?  Or is love, by its nature, a reciprocity, like oceans and clouds, an evaporating of seawater and a replenishing by rain?”                        ~ Alan Lightman
  1. Considering the critical balance provided when the Law of Reciprocity is honored and respected, what have you witnessed in humanity’s treatment of Nature that causes you the most pain? What is it about this that hurts you so deeply?  Please be prepared to share this in our next class on Jan 23rd
  1. Please share your reflections on Earth Mother’s Cry and be prepared to share in class next week..

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Class 11 – Law of CompensationTwo reindeer with their antlers locked

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fears; 

and nothing controls you except your beliefs.”

Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation

            Just as the Law of Polarity extends and expands the Law of Rhythm by providing a vehicle for navigating our movement between the negative and positive polls, The Law of Compensation extends and further complements both of these laws by providing a means of returning to balance.  Because all energy seeks its own balance (stillpoint) and completion, wherever balance is disrupted, there must be a movement toward the opposite direction to restore balance.  Thanks to the Law of Compensation, the Universal pendulum cannot swing further in one direction than in the opposite direction.  Further, the distance of the pendulum swing in one direction determines the distance of the swing to the opposite side.  In other words, The deeper the darkness, the higher the potential for Light.

            Also an extension of the Law of Reciprocity and the Law of Action, the Law of Compensation furthers the concept that we reap what we sow – no matter what.  Whatever energy frequency we put out (or take) is what comes back to us.  Whatever we contribute to or take from the Web of Life, is what comes back to us as our like-compensation.  We are all, always compensated for our actions.  Some may call this Karma, but this Law, as with all Universal Laws, transcends religious beliefs and cuts deeply to the core of Universal Truth and the inner workings of energy, Spirit.

            A most simple way of remembering this Law is that what we get out of anything is commensurate with what we put into it.  Making a choice to become more aware of how we are participating in our lives is a great place to begin.  Since many of us operate at least from time to time on default mode, rather than with conscious awareness and presence, integrating the Law of Compensation into our lives, means paying attention to any unconscious patterns we may be repeating.  Paying attention can be as simple as asking ourselves the right questions.  Below are some additional examples of questions we can ask ourselves throughout the day to support the process of growing our day-to-day conscious awareness:

  1. Am I fully present in this moment? If not where am I?
  2. What is keeping me from being fully present when I am not present?
  3. Am I fully contributing what I said I would contribute, or what I want to contribute?
  4. Does this thought or thought pattern serve my Life Force, or does it deplete it?
  5. Am I doing my best?
  6. If not, what is keeping me from doing my best?

Becoming aware of the unconscious patterns that keep us from thriving in any given moment, fuels us with the power to create change where change is needed.  Remember, every thought, word and deed either enhances our Life Force or depletes it.  Our “job” here is to gradually work towards making choices that enhance our Life Force and lift us up to higher levels of consciousness, experiences, and mastery.

            Another key feature of this Law is its relationship to the Law of Reciprocity.  Clearly, if we are to be compensated for all that we have contributed, we must be ready, willing, and able to receive!  Any old thought patterns of unworthiness or not deserving goodness or success will cause us to unconsciously block the otherwise natural fulfillment of the Law of Compensation.  Therefore, the continual process of Self-Healing is ongoing throughout our lives, and our willingness to observe our own responses to Life plays a highly significant role in our progress.

            Integrity and sincerity play another key role in working with the Law of Compensation.  If we volunteer to help another, or an organization, but do it begrudgingly, or because we want something else in return, then the compensation we receive based on this Law will be commensurate more with the energy we put into the task than with the work of the task itself.  The Law of Compensation is not about work = money, as most of us have come to accept.  It is about an equal energy exchange.  The energy we give is compensated with more of the same frequency of energy – atom for atom!.  If there are strings attached to our giving, there will be comparable strings attached to our receiving.  All Universal Laws are in effect 24/7 and not just when we are “at work”, but encompass how we live our lives and every contribution we make to the greater Web of Life.

Your perception of yourself (your perception of your value and self-worth), your ability to love yourself, and your relationship to your world, especially regarding the potential for manifesting abundance, all play a direct role in your ability to receive the energies that you have earned through your giving.  The energies you are able to receive as compensation for your contributions to the Web of Life can show up in infinite ways that you may or may not recognize consciously, so it is critical to remain open and present in each moment.  Basically, though, the Universal Compensation in this context is the frequency of Love, which is not only abundant, but shows up as being infinitely available.  Love is always available to us and therefore, can always be a choice in any given moment.  We do this by Being and living our lives as the frequency of Love.  When Gandhi said, “Be the Change.”  He could have as easily said, “Be the Love.”  As people deepen their understanding of what that really means, change will come more easily and more quickly.  Unfortunately, there is a wide diversity in perceptions about what Love is and what is required to live in the frequency of Unconditional Love.  For most of us, our experiences of Unconditional Love are woven and entangled with experiences of conditional love, and it is often difficult to differentiate the two seeming polar opposites.  To the degree that we are closed or only partially open to giving and receiving love, it is to the same degree that Love will be available to us as compensation.

            An important part of the human learning curve is to learn to expand our awareness beyond the purely physical realm, and to be willing to see between the lines, to hear between the silence, and to feel at the level of energy, rather than reacting to our emotions and triggers.  The more time we are able to spend in Pure Thought and Pure Presence, the more consistent will be the compensation we receive for our time and energy contributions.

“Your compensation is sacred and requires your acceptance of it to maintain the balance of giving and receiving by the Universe within the Universe.”                                                 ~ John Smith  

Gaining an understanding of the Law of Compensation can be of great support in reminding us that every action and interaction is a Sacred exchange.  As we consciously choose to reclaim the Sacredness of Life, we open ourselves to a new level of awareness, motivation, and willingness to be accountable for every choice we make.                                             

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no person can sincerely try to help another without helping him or herself.  Serve and you shall be served.  If you love and serve people, you cannot, by any hiding or stratagem, escape the renumeration.”

                                                                         ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Questions for Contemplation:

  1. “Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fears; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Please share with your classmates a situation you have witnessed or an experience where you became aware of how our thoughts can bind us, how our fears can limit us, or how our beliefs can control us.

  1. A most simple way of remembering this Law is that what we get out of anything is commensurate with what we put into it.  Please share a time when this principle worked in your favor – and one where it did not work in your favor.  What have you learned from these experiences?
  1. Becoming aware of the unconscious patterns that keep us from thriving in any given moment, fuels us with the power to create change where change is needed.   Where is change needed in your life?  What new awareness can fuel this change?
  1. Love is always available to us and therefore, can always be a choice in any given moment.  Has this class deepened your understanding of this statement?  Please explain.

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Class 12 – The Universal, Original PrinciplesA picture containing child, child, little

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In addition to the aforementioned Laws of the Universe, there are basic Universal Principles that are foundational to the workings of the Universe.  In The Revelation of the Kybalion Tractate: Seven Truths Expanding to Twelve, the “revelation” is that humanity has progressed in our evolution to the point where we have transcended and expanded through the older system based on the number seven, to a more highly evolved system that is based on the number twelve.  Instead of the basic seven chakras, many of us have now expanded to twelve or more working, activated energy centers.  Our genetic coding is in the process of receiving the activation of all twelve DNA strands, increasing our potential in all areas of our lives.  As we evolve in these ways, we will also begin activating and accessing a higher percentage of our brain (Mind) capacity, rather than the average 10% we have previously accessed.  My sense is that as we do this, we graduate from mind to Mind!  What I mean by this is that we already know humanity has been using a small fraction of its total brain capacity.  Thought we are “wired” with much greater potential, there are very few who have ever intentionally access 100% of their Mind’s potential.  Therefore, confined to the “lower mind capacity”, we have been limited to only that which is accessible from a
“separation” perspective.  I believe that the only way to unlock the other 90% of our Higher Mind capacity is by accessing the Wisdom of the Heart

The old system ruled under the Piscean Age was based on mind as the ultimate creative force.  Having moved now into the Age of Aquarius, as we look back at the Piscean era, we can see that, although this was a necessary stage through which humanity had to pass, it was missing the quality of “heart.”  During the Piscean Age, humanity learned what happens when a species becomes imbalanced from separating mind from heart.  Though humanity has expanded intellectually over the last 2000 years, this singular focus on mind, without regard to Heart has brought imbalance to our entire planet, including every ecosystem on it.  Intellect without heart may be “smart”, but “smart” without Heart is not Wise.  By losing our connection to Heart, humanity has now learned what separation of the heart does to an individual ecosystem (body), to a family, a community, a nation, and a world.  Having learned this, we are now ready to transcend this level of suffering to a higher awareness and quality of wholeness.  We now know that wholeness cannot be experienced through separation, and that the Heart and the Mind are meant to work together in harmonic balance.  Knowing a concept is not enough.  It must be lived intentionally to become our reality and to change our experience.

Therefore, the first of the five new principles of the Aquarian Age is that of “Loving.”  Notice that each of these principles is written with an “ing” ending.  This is intentional, as it is the living of these principles that is now necessary as opposed to knowing them conceptually.  Love is a concept, whereas “Loving” is an active state of being.  This difference is highly significant if we are to truly find the way to embody these qualities as fundamental ways of being.  The basic meaning of the principle of Loving is that the heart is at the center of All That Is.  Therefore, in order to align with this new principle and the laws that it governs, we must use this as an active principle in our daily lives, offering ourselves to love, as Love Itself in action, through our awakened memory of our True Identity, and our willingness to fully claim that Identity.  It is up to us to ensure that all that we think, say, do, and are expands this quality of Loving.  This includes how we think of ourselves, how we treat each other and how we treat the planet on which we live – including all Life that calls this Earth its home, and Gaia, Mother Earth herself.  This principle of Loving is the key to true Divine Unification – the transcendence of duality by returning to Oneness.

                  “The mental construct has been the cause of inharmonious relationship between self and other. The Heart Truth Reunifies All. It is that simple, it is that True and it is that Profound. The All is Heart.” 

                      ~ The Revelation of The Kybalion Tractate, Arizona Living Light

The second new principle is the Principle of Giving.  This principle distinguishes giving from the mind (which often creates disharmony), from giving from the heart.  When we give from the heart, give in love, the Law of Transmutation takes effect, and all is transmuted to Love-Wisdom.  Accessing the Love-Wisdom that resides deep within our hearts transcends ego, re-awakening and re-coding our DNA strands, that we may return to our original Pure state, before limitation and contamination ever existed.

The third law of the Aquarian Age is the Principle of Sharing.  Sharing from the heart, in Love, is considered the prime energy required in aligning with Source and for our ultimate ascension.  This Principle is ultimately the building block of Abundance.  If I have something and I share it with you and others, then we all have it!  I don’t lose anything when I share with you – we all gain.  Sharing is the ultimate win-win; it is how we create, nurture, and cultivate Abundance – together.  This is how we remember, embrace, and live our Oneness.  No one can share anything all by themselves.  We need each other to reach this level of Beingness.

The fourth aspect of Aquarian Truth is the Principle of Trusting.  Again, moving from Trust as a concept to Trusting, as a way of being, catapults us from the mind to the heart and this leap puts us into another whole dimension of awareness and surrender to Source.  This level of Trusting goes beyond “Blind Trust” and even beyond Trusting others, to Trusting the infinite power of Love within us, as the most powerful force, and Source that exists anywhere.  We must trust with certainty, the Giving, Sharing and Receiving of Infinite, Absolute, Divine Unconditional Love in its Purest form, directly from Source. Divine surrender is not giving up control or power, or anything else – it is simply letting go of all that is not Pure within us.  Above all, it is letting go of any resistance we may still be carrying, to embracing our Oneness with a Power greater than ourselves, as ourSelves.  When we offer ourselves, both our minds and our hearts to Divine Love, there is no sacrifice in surrender, but a strengthening, an assurance, a synchronicity, and a Sacred Power that is greater than we ever could have imagined!

The last of these principles is Truth. When we are living the above four principles, those of Loving, Giving, Sharing and Trusting, then we access Truth in its highest form.  Indeed, living the first 4 principles is the only way to access and Know the higher-level Truths of the Universe. Living in the knowing of this Truth brings us into balance, harmony, and peace with the Oneness we have come here to remember.

Many of us have learned that trusting others can sometimes put us in a precarious place of raw vulnerability.  Moreover, determining whom to trust can be both exhausting and confusing.  However, when we return to our Center to access our Remembrance of the Love that we are, while simultaneously tapping into to our capacity for intuitive knowing, we claim the Truth of our Being.  This level of Self-acceptance transcends self-doubt and all uncertainty, bringing us in to an active state of Knosis.  One explanation for the word Knosis is the capacity to Know Truth.  The moment that we recognize that all humans have the capacity to Know Truth, and we are willing to remember how to access that ability, we are Free!

How do we do this?  We remember how to recognize Truth in our Hearts.  We have all done this one time or another, and therefore, we know what it feels like when we do it.  That beautiful and warm feeling of relief and ease and resonance is what we are looking for. The moment we choose to access Truth is the moment we slip on our own Ruby Slippers, as Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz.

Sometimes, when we access Truth, we experience fear.  This is because aligning with Truth in a world that would rather shove the Truth under the rug, can feel risky and requires courage.  It is just as important to acknowledge and embrace the Truth in our fear as it is to acknowledge and embrace the warm and fuzzy feeling kind of Truth.  Either way, we will not find fulfillment until we find the courage to accept, embrace and live our Truth – no matter what that Truth may be and no matter how much fear it’s Presence may evoke.

Questions for Contemplation:

  1. Love is a concept, whereas “Loving” is an active state of being.  This difference is highly significant if we are to truly find the way to embody these qualities as fundamental ways of being.  

How does this awareness of the possibility of shifting your concept of Love to an active state of being that informs your “doing”, shift your own potential?

  1. Putting the Principle of Giving into action, how does giving from the Heart support your awakening process?
  1. The Principle of Sharing is ultimately the building block of Abundance.  Please explain your understanding of this statement and its potential to shift your reality into one of Abundance.
  1. What must you surrender in order to fully embrace the Principle of Trusting?

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©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved.

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[2] Holmes, Ernest. A New Design for Living. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1989 . p. 198 

©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved.

©2020 Debra Emmanuelle. All rights reserved.