What is a “Medicine Wheel”?

Some people have never heard of a Medicine Wheel, or even knows what they are or how to use one.  I frequently have been asked a variety of questions. “Is it a Healing tool?” “Do healing happen in it?”  “What is the Medicine it holds?”  Many mysteries and misunderstanding of what the Medicine Wheel holds.  Actually, the name isn’t the original name – they are “Sacred Hoops of Life”.  The symbolism of a Medicine Wheel is that ancients used nature, animals, plants, and much more as the “Medicine” of life.      

Within all civilizations there are evidences of stone creations in many shapes. Ancient Circles, Stonehenge, Labyrinths, Spirals, Stone Beings, Ley lines, Mandalas, Crop Circles, Medicine Wheels, Vortexes, and more are found all over the world as a reminder that we are all connected to spirit and are One Together.  A Native American phrase of “Mitakuye  Oyasin”. – means “All My Relations” or “We are All Related”  To say this phrase is to express to the Creator the gratitude in behalf of everyone and everything on Earth. 

These stone patterns were found through various locations around the world, in a variety of shapes, rock paintings, art, prayers, blessings, sweat lodges, and more.  Many cultures, ceremonies, sessions, and meetings have used some parts of some teachings.  Some unknowingly using these teachings connected to the Medicine Wheel.  Have you ever been somewhere and have been smudged with sage and heard someone “call-in” the directions of east, south, west, and north to start a meeting?  That’s how many open the energies to start the Medicine Wheel Journey. 

“Nature moves in circles.
The Medicine World is a symbol of
Balance, Perfection, Completeness, and Wholeness.
The wheel is a philosophical system.
It is a map to help us find our way.
It offers protection through it’s metaphorical power.
The Medicine wheel shows separate forces in complete balance.
The Medicine Wheel exists within us all.
We can use the Wheel to understand life and spirit.
The Wheel is a centering device for our consciousness.”

— Unknown


The Vision of the Medicine Wheel is that all things & beings on the earth are woven together, interconnected to each other, and relate to the Oneness of the Universe.  It is an ancient sacred tool that has been used to assist in balancing the energies of the earth and universe.  Ceremonies have been done for many sacred purposes with the medicine wheel.  Throughout time cultures, tribes, individuals, communities, and nations have gathered together in harmony for the purpose of uni-verses.


By doing these sacred ceremonies.  Medicine Wheels are symbolic of a day, year, lifetime, and nations have gathered together in harmony for the purpose of doing these sacred ceremonies.  Medicine Wheels are symbolic of a day, year, lifetime, seasons, meditations, solutions, a grid to the leylines, rites of passages, and much more.  As you walk this wheel set the intentions of assisting humanity for the highest good of all.


All over the world you can find these sacred shapes, wheels, vortexes, and natural stone beings in the rocks, in yards, and on sacred places.  They are reminders that humanity has left keys and tools to assist those of their spiritual journey to remembering who we truly are and the gifts we have, as well as, very powerful energy instruments.  Cultures used them to connect themselves to their relationship with “all their relations” – the minerals, plants, animals, and spirit on the Earth Mother and to the Father sun above (Universe) of being One.  “As Above, so Below, so Within, then With out”  Medicine Wheels creates the connection of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Animals, Plants, and Star Nations that support us on our journey through life and connect our hearts as one. Learning about the Medicine Wheel can assist you in remembering your connections.


As you walk the Medicine Wheel, each stone you pass in the Wheel is a tool for an insight to life.  The placement, position, color, animal totems, plants, minerals, intentions, and spirit of each stone that is in the wheel have sacred meanings.  The Spirit Keeper stones mark directions of North, East, South, and West the path of life, seasons of the cycles, the connections to all corners of the world, and the races within humanity.  

Spiritual ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations play a central role in all traditions and cultures, are in our consciousness and are part of all of us. In a Medicine Circle, with great love and respect we honor these traditions by connecting with our beloved Mother Earth and the Universe.  Tapping into the power and mystery of the Medicine Circle with energy healing and intuition, you may uncover insights and information, previously unknown to you.  Within the wheel, you’ll intuitively find a place that acknowledges your life now. You’ll be able to see the cycle of your life in a new way. You’ll experience your own life now to release the past, honor it and integrate current aspects of your wisdom within your Soul Power.  

Let’s discover more about the Medicine Wheel – “Sacred Hoop of Life” and how to use these beautiful pieces of wisdoms in our lives and throughout humanity.  

Crystal StarrWeaver

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