Change is the only Constant

By Giva Solana Schumacher

2020 is probably the year where this is truer that ever. All of human kind is faced with inevitable changes that are sometimes really hard to accept. 

My name is Giva Solana, and I am a certified climate Healer. I also have a Masters in Education and for 25 years now, I have been in the Healthcare field as a licensed massage therapist. My true passions are Mother Earth, Animals, Personal Growth, and supporting every living being to be the best they can be. 

I would like to propose a different approach and perspective and put a positive angle on the inevitable subject of change. Instead of seeing it as something dreadful and being afraid of the unknown, why don’t we see it as an amazing opportunity? 

In fact, I believe it is an opportunity so incredibly beautiful and unique that it may be the first in human history at all. We are being called to change our lives, beliefs, patterns and habits, and we are provided with the opportunity to let go of the past, and to change and shift the fate of planet Earth. At no time in history ever has human kind be put on hold and given the chance to write a new story like in 2020.

It is well known, that Mother Earth is in trouble, and if we continue living the way we were, we will definitely not be able to sustain our planet. We will have managed to extinct wildlife in a few years, we will have killed our trees and forests (which are our “lungs”!), and we will live miserable unhealthy lives ourselves. So, Change is inevitable and the only constant. But it doesn’t have to be scary. 

It can be a lot of fun! A lot of humans are aware and awake! A lot of us are ready. First comes awareness, then the idea that we are not helpless victims. We are the creators! And a lot of us are getting creative! A lot of us are feeling relief to be able to move towards a better world. We can do it one step at a time. We can do it at our own pace. Change is the only constant! All we need to do, is keep moving forward. 

We are the producers of our movies. We are the creators of our future! We are no longer “defined by the memories of our past, but rather by the vision of our future!” (Joe Dispenza)

I see a future, where every Living Being lives in Joy, Harmony and Peace together. Where Love is the answer to all questions. Where we create communities and support each other and ourselves with our gifts and talents. Where we grow our food and adopt a healthy, VEGAN lifestyle. 

Veganism is one of those changes, that are inevitable for helping our Mother Earth thrive. Veganism is the only way to grant Joy and Peace to ALL Living Beings.

I became vegan, after I watched the documentary “Cowspiracy” and connected all the dots. I had been vegetarian for years, because I love all animals, but I had never really thought about the other aspects of agriculture, that are affecting the lives and birth rights of all living beings on our planet. 

We now have the greatest and probably only opportunity to undo some damage we have created and write a new story.

Here is an example of a beautiful new story. Freed Spirits Animal rescue in Cave Creek, AZ is a place of Love and Compassion. It is a place where animals as well as humans get another chance on life. Where we learn to be no longer defined by the memories of our past, where we not only survive but get a chance to thrive. is a non-profit, created by 2 incredible humans, Denise and Shana, and run by volunteers. (They do accept donations if you feel so inclined.)

The animals in general are way ahead of us! They do not hang onto the past. They let go of pain and forgive. They embrace the opportunity to change. They easily go from surviving to thriving, if given a chance and a loving environment.

Here are two sweet souls who taught me well all summer, while I was working on a course to the subject, which will be available soon.

Annabelle, the cow, and Hamilton, the pig. Both of them rescued from the slaughterhouse as babies. Both of them arrived at Freed Spirits sick and scared. Both of them were malnourished and abused. And here they are just a short while later…….thriving and loving life!

Schumacher reading to Annabelle the cow
Hamilton the pig resting in a tub

Let’s do the same! Let’s embrace the change and grab every opportunity to create a world where ALL LIVING Beings not only survive, but thrive. And let’s do it by going with the flow in Grace, Love and Peace.