We welcome those whose intentions align with the community we are building.

We ask that those who join participate in the following Agreements:

1. Responsibility & Respect

Operating on the assumption of best intentions, we agree to take full responsibility for our own experience.  We agree to treat others with respect.

2. Sharing

We are oriented toward Unification.  We share honestly and authentically.

We agree to build a community of mutual support.

3. Confidentiality

We agree to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of participants as appropriate.

4.  Play

We agree to have as much damn fun as possible and commit to enjoying our time together.

We encourage members to participate as cooperatives operate on collaboration.

Participation can be thought of as content in the form of mini-blogs or personal submissions on any of our pages.  Keep in mind, this is OUR site.

Participation also extends to pre arranged zoom meetings, and specific topics for discussion as well as webinar suggestions should be directed to our email

Content should be directed to

General criteria for content:

-Relevant to our personal and community evolution

-Safe to be published with a bend towards wholesomeness

-Sensitive to the benefit of the whole

Editorial Committee:

As membership grows, more volunteers will be recruited for various functions in the community including editors and content managers. Visit the VOLUNTEERS WANTED page today!