We are all One…The Bridges Between Cultures

By Giva Solana


I am so excited to have been invited to write a blog here at Project New Paradigm Now,  and share my stories, insights, and passions.

Although I grew up in Germany, I have always been fascinated by the Native American Peoples.  As a child I saw a picture of an Elder and I was hooked. I would try to find out as much as I could about their world and history. 

As a young child I talked to animals. I spent the afternoons in the woods, sitting with the trees and the rocks. I was familiar with the wild life in our forest, and they were familiar with me. I loved watching and playing with all kinds of little bugs and creatures that lived amongst the sticks and greens on the soft, fertile soil. I studied them, but always respected their lives. I collected mushrooms and all sorts of plants. I knew what to eat and what not to eat. It was a magical amazing time. I loved being so connected to Mother Earth. 

Then we moved to the city and life happened and took me away from Nature for a while. I longed to go back, but it took a few years. 

Fast forward, 20 some years and several “weird coincidences” later I ended up moving to New Mexico. I never lost interest in the Indigenous Peoples, and when I got off the plane, I immediately felt at home. For the first time, I felt truly at home. Here I was, blond and blue eyed, looking nothing like the Natives do, and yet I felt such a deep connection. I loved going to their ceremonies, learning about their lives and their connection with Mother Earth. I loved listening to the Elders speak and I soaked up their wisdom.  I deepened my own connection with the land and the Earth in a whole new way. 

Fast forward again, 20 some years later I found myself sitting in the forests of Northern AZ one day, talking to Mother Earth. I knew things were not going well for her. She had been suffering a long time, she had been abused by human hands, and her animal kingdom was being destroyed. Mother Earth needed help. Humans needed to understand what was happening. Change was inevitable!! If we all wanted to live on this planet, humans had to change their habits and behaviors. 

The idea for my class was born. I wanted to combine my two passions, Mother Earth and personal Growth, in a course that would help ALL living beings thrive. I am passionate about living, not just existing. We are here to enjoy ourselves. We are here to love and shine our lights brightly. And yet, we are living in fears, we are angry, we are violent, we harm others, and we harm ourselves. We are at war with many things, and yet we all want Peace. We will only have Peace, when ALL LIVING Beings are being respected, honored, supported, and are living in harmony and freedom. We have work to do!

 So I created an inspiring, interactive course to help us understand and change. Change is inevitable, and many of us feel lost.

 I just finished a month ago, and guess what?! Out of the blue, my very first offer to share publicly, came from the Indigenous Peoples. Wow!! Coincidence? Fate? Magic? I was invited by my friend Dr. Sailesh Rao to offer  part of my course in an 11 day convergence: GlobalFire.Earth, Enlightening our way together. Turns out, we are all on the same journey, we are on the same path. We are bridging our cultures, we are bridging our differences, we are communicating and learning from each other’s wisdoms. It is so exciting! 

The Indigenous Peoples were holding fire ceremonies, honoring the Earth, looking for change, Elders were sharing their wisdom, honoring all animals, and so much more……people from all over the world joined in this online event….and I was invited as a presenter. Wow, talking about coming full circle….Life is amazing!!

Please enjoy my presentation here: