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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

Beginner Steps to Self Uncovery 

An introduction to YOU!

Accept the fact that you have a right to live your dream

Accept the fact that you affect the world around you

Accept the fact that Life supports you, and you now commit to consciously contribute to Life

If you had no problems, what would you be doing?  What brings you the most joy?

Will you give yourself the space to explore these questions?

Pretend you are a blank canvas.  What would you put on that canvas?  What would you create about who you are, who you want to be, what your life would look like? What lights you up?

This is a place to start.  By reflecting on what lights you up, what makes you feel good, you are getting clues.  

So grab that canvas, and start writing and drawing!  Have FUN!!!

Activity 1

This is an exercise in identifying your values

What brings meaning to you?  Do you know what is important in your world?

Try listing them now.

Helpful words here:

Honesty Truth Harmony Responsibility   Balance Generosity Creativity  Abundance Unity

Acceptance Compassion Nature Love Expansion

Joy Play Commitment   Positivity Exploration Power Learning  Laughter

Expression Communication Freedom Equality Justice   Peace  Family Service

Stability   Success   Progress    Change  Growth    Judgement  Perception Awareness

List  these in a ranking order on a sheet of paper with space between them.

Write next to them your understanding of their meaning.

Let this exercise simmer.  Return to this paper as new thoughts arise.  If you have a particular emotional response to any of these words, make a note of that response as well.

When you are complete, move on to the next activity.

Activity 2

Review your list.  Has anything shifted in the original order?  If so, go ahead and record the new order. 

Examine the notes you made about your feelings.  Your feelings are clues.  What were those feelings a reaction to?  Were they happy? Angry?  Create a new sheet for each word and the emotion you experienced about it.  This will be a process you can do at any time, and often.

Activity 3

As you review your emotional responses, try to identify the thought, memory or image that corresponded to the emotion.  This process will help you identify spots in yourself that require attention and resolution.  Painful experiences color our perceptions and we always have the opportunity to resolve them.  As this emotional content shifts, we gain more freedom to reshape our experiences with a clearer lens, and thereby become empowered.

When it comes to the mental/emotional connection, some modalities that can help this process along:




We will have many more resources for you going forward as this community develops!

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