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Time and Art

by Ranier Truesdale

Robert Truesdale was born in Lancaster, SC.  He has lived in Atlanta since attending Morehouse College where he met and married Wanda Walker (Spelman College).  Known to friends and family as Trust, he has always had a passion for art, but stopped painting while working at BellSouth and staying busy with family.  He retired in 2006 and started painting again in 2014,  In 2015, he entered the GSU-62 student program to sharpen his painting skills and explore different artistic techniques. His work comments on black american history and culture  With the encouragement of friends and family, Trust has agreed to sell some of his art. His work comments on black american history and culture

I’ve been involved in the arts for as long as I can remember it has been one of the few things I enjoyed consistently growing up.

I started drawing when I was in elementary school and one of the people who encouraged me to pursue that and hone that talent or interest more so was my grandfather. I remember coming home and showing him some of the doodles that I had done in class and he was one of the few people who took an interest and encouraged me to do more. Seeing him pursue his education at GSU and continue to foster his interest in art and also using his art to express frustrations that I can also relate to has been very cathartic and has encourage me to use art as a medium to vent my own frustrations in life. I have never excelled in social situations and one of the ways that I got over this hurdle was being involved in theater at a young age. I was fortunate to have a neighbor who was involved in local theater and specifically in youth theater who enabled me to have opportunities that otherwise I would not have been able to pursue. It is not unlikely that I would not be the same person I am today had it not been for my grandfather encouraging me to continue to draw and be creative and he would not have done so had it not been for his own personal interest in the arts and the joy that he is on from it in his younger years. As of his retirement he’s gone back to painting more voraciously and more recently has joined the GSU 62 program not pursuing a degree but more so pursuing knowledge and technique. This approach and mentality has been an inspiration to me and is the mentality i will be searching for in ongoing features on this page; the kinds of artists and arts organizations that foster and support others and their involvement.


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