May we all be free, true, at peace, in harmony and love with all that is.

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A Vision For Humanity’s Kick Upstairs

Imagine a world without wants. A world of honesty.  A world in which you are free to do what you love to do.  A world of harmonious interdependence.  A world that values compassion, love, generosity–your true nature.

Imagine a world without money.  A world in which all you need is provided to you.  A world in which sharing is the norm. 

Imagine living in homeostasis; an ongoing state of wellness.

Imagine yourself thriving.  Imagine what this would be like for children.  Imagine connecting with others in a thriving community.   Imagine all of Life thriving.  Imagine all of Life in a constant state of Joy. True prosperity. 

Imagine all of Earth in balance, at peace.

Here we engage the movement that support this vision. We call this the New Paradigm.

This may be the biggest challenge of your life.

 Consider this. What if the most spiritual thing you can do in life is have harmless fun?

You have the right to live a great life.  You were given unique gifts.  You are meant to enjoy these gifts within you.  What if you knew what they were?  What would you be doing?

You are an integral part in the whole of humanity.  So what are your priorities?  How do you contribute?  

You can start today.

Here, you can begin to explore the things you may have relegated to the back burner. And as a community, every member gets to use his/her voice.  

Answer the call.

We are all being called upon to create a Harmonious New World.  One of infinite joy. One of compassion for all of Life.  One in which we care for the Earth and each other. This is the Age of Aquarius and we get to play!

So give yourself permission.  Start exploring.  Make new connections. Come together with others to take action and move us forward.  It may feel like a leap of faith, but isn’t that what it’s all about?

Our Intention

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The intention of this site is to be a community building resource portal for individuals and organizations to explore ideas and activities aligned with the New Paradigm. Our continuance relies on member contributions of content, shared efforts, and material support.

Our Community

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We seek to build a spirited cooperative, member-based community. We focus on things that feed the soul, and benefit the whole! 

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